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  1. Ah, hadn’t realised that they were specified in WW2 as well. That explains why they appear on some small scale etch examples I have but not in any photos I remember seeing.
  2. Don’t worry, Tim. I don’t think that applies to all of us. Ahem, Skyraider, Beaufighter, M4A1.... Not that I’m in much of a position to be chucking rocks around.
  3. There is a photograph I remember seeing of a DH Mosquito production line with the entire wing assembly painted in camouflage before it had been installed on the fuselage. As pointed out, not just Germany was at it.
  4. I have one of the wooden ones and also thought that making all the adjustments with a screwdriver would be tedious. I therefore replaced the trapped nuts with trapped bolts and secured the other ends with wingnuts, which speeds up adjustments and is also much less fiddly. Having said that, continents move faster than I build so it doesn’t need adjusting that frequently....
  5. I’ve not actually tried it yet as not need to but one of the Gunze liquid masks can apparently be cut with a scalpel after it has set, so might do the job. There are two types - Mr Masking Sol R is the one which can be cut.
  6. Is there a particular reason not to name the manufacturer? I can think of a couple who make decent (in my opinion) seatbelts but surely pointing out when a particular identified manufacturer’s product doesn’t do what it should is reasonable when talking to an audience of potential buyers. The audience even includes some manufacturers so they might read it and take action to improve the set.
  7. You can also use marine grade stainless steel (or indeed any other non-rusting metal) nuts as agitators - not being a ball, they are less prone to acting like a ball valve and blocking the nozzle.
  8. I assume that he meant 25% of retail price being taken by retailers, so the factory gate price to the manufacturer is lower. Unless you sell direct, of course, which requires setting up a retail operation. Presumably there is a wholesaler/importer taking a further margin too.
  9. My uneducated (and optimistic) guess would be for the F-3 version of the Hellcat, which has some more interesting (to me anyway) colour schemes and would be less work than tooling a complete new kit. While many of the suggestions would be nice to see, I think the variant is more likely, as happened with the Tiffie.
  10. Another accommodation option, if you have transport or can hook up with someone who does, is the university campus. I stayed last year and it was as good as a typical budget hotel chain; clean, comfortable bed etc.. No bar but I drank at the Holiday Inn bar instead. Pretty reasonably priced too as I recall, leaving more cash for show swag. Unfortunately I’ll be away this year or I’d offer to take any LSP bods without wheels between show and campus.
  11. If you want an Erla-built G-10, you’re limited to Revell, as the Hasegawa kit has the other cowling type. I think it comes with the large wing bulges though, so you’d need aftermarket inner upper wings with small bulges - I’d suggest Barracuda’s parts as a good option.
  12. Looks brilliant, although it must be tedious cutting all those parts. Very clean too - no evident filler applications! Hopefully not material but those imperial/metric conversions look a bit off to me - 24’6” is surely more like 7-8m than 10m, given that a metre is roughly 39” (3ft 3in)?
  13. Thanks Andrew Now I know that I should continue detailing the Trumpeter gun bay (which fits much better open, even if the ammunition feed for the upper guns needs scratchbuilding) and build the Revell one closed. I’ve already filled all the Trumpeter rivet holes, so endured that part of the process....
  14. You mean other than the ex-Hasegawa G-4 Trop? I scored a couple of those at bargain prices at shows in the UK last year.
  15. Looks jolly good so far. I have seen some builds where a decent amount of the lower part of the cockpit framework had to be removed so that it would fit so hopefully that won’t apply to you. Interestingly some build articles reported no such issues at all so it’s something of a puzzle.
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