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  1. I’m planning to build my Corsair as an RN example in that scheme and did some digging for potential serial numbers and codes last year. I have a list somewhere which I could probably find and might save you some time if you don’t have a particular a/c in mind. I was planning on doing an unphotographed one to allow me some licence but I want to use a set of markings which match.
  2. Looks good so far. Hopefully it will be followed by an F-3 as the choice of colour schemes is greater although looking at my Eduard 1/72 kits the differences don’t seem to be huge.
  3. Nice work. Are you the same Lee who made me aware of the way to depict welds using cut down brass tube and epoxy putty? If so your previous work was very impressive. I have read (Michael Ullmann) that by the time the F-8 was being built, the internals apart from the cockpit were unpainted aluminium (you may call it aluminum now!) although steel parts were still painted for corrosion protection. That would include the engine compartment and undercarriage bays.
  4. BA upgraded a colleague and me, without even telling us, on an overnight flight from San Fran to Heathrow a few years ago and that will take some time to work off from my perspective. V impressed. American, on the other hand, managed to staff its cabin on a flight to Austin with crew who were, with one exception, too short to close the overhead lockers. Just goes to show how wide a range of experiences a population has really.
  5. They look very good but surely they are concrete rather than tarmac? Concrete sections seem more robust for a tactical airfield to me. The painting certainly suggests concrete but the pack labelling says otherwise.
  6. You might also try drawing it based on the dims of the kit parts and building from styrene or metal sheet (I plan on using thin pewter). I did make a start on a drawing a while ago but it’s still incomplete, although not really sure why. The shape is fairly straightforward.
  7. Oh I have no intention of cutting off the nose. I plan to use most of the airframe of the G-10 or K-4. The other changes are relatively minor and seemed much easier than chopping up two kits.
  8. I’ve been picking up Hasegawa/Revell K-4s and G-10s when I find them at attractive prices to use as the basis of G-6/AS and G-14/AS projects. The latter in particular has some schemes I like and while there is some work to do, it’s easier than scratchbuilding the streamlined cowl bulges, for me at least. I’m practicing on some cheap 1/72 examples first though.
  9. Have you tried Arthur Bentley? He did a pretty comprehensive set of 190 drawings a while ago and they are still available from him.
  10. Clamp to a hard flat surface (glass, steel, ceramic tile etc) and dunk in hot but not boiling water? Hopefully it’s not permanently attached to the fuselage.....
  11. Tamiya did make a USS Hornet, configured with B25s for the Doolittle raid, didn’t it? That was quite a psychological blow to Japan as I recall. And more recently a USS Indianapolis, which carried an interesting air to ground weapon to Tinian.
  12. I have searched running on eBay for various things including D-9s and have scored a few from there at prices under £40 in the last couple of years. Some in Hasegawa boxes, some in Revell (the latter has the Ta152 tail as optional parts too. It’s a case of being a patient trader, I find. Some are above what I’m willing to pay so I just ignore them because if someone wants one that much, I’d rather not compete with them.
  13. Tim, you might check with Iain first to see what he measured of a Spey-engined F4 a few years back. He may have done the burner cans already.
  14. V good. I also like the wet paper idea - could be useful when masking a surface whose paint adhesion might be suspect.
  15. And you’ve built how many of them now Tim? One? Two? A dozen? Or as many as I have? ;o)
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