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WnW Felixstowe - Finished Thanks

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1 hour ago, dodgem37 said:

Great show.  Love how you render wood.  Could you explain this technique?


Thank you.




I just use the method on the hints and tips on the WnW website

  • Spray base coat of either XF78 Deck tan, for light wood
  • or XF79 Deck brown for dark wood
  • Squeeze blob of burnt umber oils and add thinners with brush
  • with this model i brushed it on quiet thin so there is not much wood graining effect, my last model was ZM Horten where i went heavier and created wood grains with wider brush and thicker dark umber mix
  • Before the oil had fully dried i  highlighted joins and rivits with Tamiya panel line wash, then blended the wash with stiff brush, so it blends with the oils, highlighting the features

What i did do was watch every youtube i could find, and every tutorial out there. But there is not better teacher than having a go, I would do the Horten completly different now just based on experiance of the Felixstowe


To be honest I still have no idea how to simulate the mahogany wood on the Felix, but WnW gives extra side panels so i can practice practice practice


Hope this helps get you started



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There are 4 rigging wires over the top of the cockpit, so i thought I'd make my own eyelets, 4 done in not bad time, but i have this felixstowe an Fe and a W12 in my stash, so i ordered 6 packs of bobs buckles and some tube, great price, thanks bob:clap2:


My attempts are a bit chunky but wont be seen anyway, I need Bobs perfect ones for the show areas


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