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The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

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Hey guys

over five years, it's been when I started to build the F-14.

Again and again I put this case on the page and now it has grabbed me and I finally finished my F-14.

I built the cat with all of their errors.


A few small bugs I fixed yet, such as (to just name one) the many small rivets I locked.


I've installed the following accessories one at that.

QB 32033 Quickboost ejection seat
32269 Eduard exterior
32144 Eduard exterior (Tamiya Kit)
32310 Eduard undercarriage
32309 Eduard armament
132001 Aires/Wheelliant Weghted wheels
32031 air master series Alfa sample
32009 Fightertowndecals VF-102 of Diamondbacks


I built the F 14B, of VF-102 DIAMONDBACKS Operation Enduring Freedom "OEF" Oct. 2001 - June 2002 "


Of course much motivation material was used in addition to the accessories.





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