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  1. Looks like the real deal! Thank you for sharing. Wonderful looking Tornado
  2. Hello ModelMakers, Here is a kit that i did 2 years ago. Revell 1/32 Panavia Tornado, OOB, paint is Gunze I hope you guys like it
  3. Really well done, looks aesome Gotta love that trumpeter A6 intruder kitt, like you say, a dream to build
  4. Thank you Dragon This Trumpeter kit is not that fantastic.. A lot of fit issues, especially for fitting the upper and lower fuselage together was a pain in the butt. The holes for the tail wings dont line up, and when they line up the fuselage dont line up, so it was a struggle. But all and all it is a OK kit to build, if you like filling and sanding, and filling and sanding.. and so on. I DONT like filling and sanding
  5. Thank you JeepsGunsTanks, In fact i prefer dirty planes to, weathered birds looks more "alive" to me. These Growler┬┤s do not get that heavily weathered and dirty. Those ref. pictures that i looked at look even cleaner than my build
  6. Hi everyone, This is Trumpeter 1/32 EA-18G Growler. The build this OOB, no AM used. All paint is MRP. I hope u like it..
  7. Beautiful, nicely done Did you forgot to take of the masking tape on the front left and right windshield?
  8. cool, the paint job is so nicely done. Nice looking jump jet
  9. Exelent! The weathering is just spot on!
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