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  1. Yordy

    1/18 F-14 Jolly Rogers "nose art".

    The sidewinders are ready. I thought after the sidewinders it was ready, but i still have to do a few small things.
  2. Yordy

    1/18th scale JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    This is just amazing, what else can you say.....
  3. Yordy

    1/18 F-14 Jolly Rogers "nose art".

    I wanted to show this in the "ready for inspection" page, but i painted the sidewinders in the wrong colors, the stripes must be yellow and red/brown, instead of the blue and red, the picture i found was of a F-14B/D and not an F-14A. I will paint them in the right colors this week.
  4. Yordy

    1/18 F-14 Jolly Rogers "nose art".

    I have question about the sidewinders on this aircraft, does anyone know if they were white or light gray in the desert storm war.
  5. Yordy

    1/18 F-14 Jolly Rogers "nose art".

    This is a Rauh Welt Porsche i am working on in the jolly rogers colors, i thought it would look nice beside the Tomcat.
  6. Yordy

    1/18 F-14 Jolly Rogers "nose art".

    I read it, thanks. Tomcats forever
  7. Yordy

    1/18 F-14 Jolly Rogers "nose art".

    I finally got my F-14 stand from steve/A-10loader and it looks really nice. Now i just have too finish the last small details on the Tomcat.
  8. Yordy

    1/18TH JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    I agree, the weathering is top notch!
  9. Yordy

    Recycling a Thunderbolt

    I love how big they are and this one looks really nice.
  10. Yordy

    1/18 F-14 Jolly Rogers "nose art".

    She's almost finished. I need to paint the navigation lights, the top of the tails in dark grey and the silver on the front part of the wings. I know there were some stands for this plane, but they are all sold out, so i have to figure out how to put it on my shelf and looks like it is flying.
  11. That is nice, i really want to convert one of my 1/18 F-16's in this color scheme one day.
  12. Yordy

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    I really like your Tomcat.
  13. Yordy

    Building Japanese

    I love those Japanese F-15's.