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  1. I painted destruction the back area with silver, then applied the camouflage. After that, the camouflage was removed with steel wool except for the silver and then worked up with Tamiya weathering master.
  2. I was told, (know someone who is well acquainted with the French F-100) that from and on the refuelling probe in Djibouti were grown to the Hun.
  3. My wish has always been to have a French F-100 from Djibouti. And now I've rebuilt my US hun.
  4. I hope you enjoyed my restoration. Many greetings from Germany Christian
  5. Now a few detail pictures. A few additional details such as antennae, pilot figure, reconnaissance container, etc. were attached.
  6. Since yesterday my F-100 is standing in front of me with a new outfit.
  7. Hey guys I have often restored my models and bought a new outfit. As with this model here. So it looked earlier........ The clipped, the models were dismantled, freed from the old paint, some places again filled with filler material, worked and later provided with a new color dress and markers. Of course I use the situation and still use some accessories. Just like a few parts I bought. From the US Air Force F-100 I wanted to build a French Hun and this is my role model.
  8. The fit was okay so far. There were some difficulties here and there. Also lacked a few details that can be completed with the parts of Eduard. King regards Christian
  9. Ashes on my head, I forgot to write. This is the Trumpeterbausatz.
  10. Hey guys I would like to thank everyone for the many comments. This naturally moves me even more to show much.... like for example... an Italian tornado, a Swiss FA-18 C of the Fliegerstaffel 18........ ...........and and and..... There is still much to see...... Many greetings from old Germany Christian
  11. The best proof that the Israeli F-16 was not always clean. The finish super implemented and yes I am really impressed. Standing up and applause
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