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Bucker B131D Jungmann


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I was delighted to read Iain's recent review of ICM's newly released Bucker Jungmann.  I love trainer aircraft but since they are not regarded as very "sexy" and have limited appeal we get very few of them, so well done ICM, more power to your elbow!!


Box art:




but you'll have to check out Iain's review for sprue shots etc..


Just down the road from me is Henstridge airfield where I did my Tiger Moth training.  Annabelle Burroughes, one of the instructors, has a Jungmann which suffered an ignominious event in 2013:




A cross wind caught her as she came in to land, and oops, inelegantly onto her nose.  I haven't seen Annabelle for a year or two but I believe the Jungmann is back in one piece:




Enough preamble; the kit is quite delightful and very well engineered.  The sequence of assembly is a little odd in places, like fitting the rear cockpit rudder pedals so early on when they are very vulnerable, but the fit is very precise so far:




No seat belts are included so I've made some very simple ones from left over scraps of some RB Prods ones, I imagine the German ones are similar to the Sutton ones fitted to the contemporary Tiger Moth.
More soon.
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Cracking start Max - looks great so far!




Thanks Iain, it's a cracking kit, I can see myself building a couple more of these for a dio.  I'd have brought it to the club meeting next Thursday but I have to be in (gulp!).....Salisbury!!



Man, that looks great! Looks like a nice kit!!




You'll enjoy yours Alan, any thoughts about a scheme?  Mine's going to be a Nachtjagd trainer.



Good show Max. looks to be a good kit. And thanks Iain........Harv :popcorn:


Thanks Harv, it's everything I hoped it would be but its quality leaves me wishing ICM would also do a Tiger Moth.....I know, I'm greedy!  :innocent:


A little more progress this afternoon.  




It's odd that the rear cockpit headrest is fitted later; the potential for dropping it behind the cockpit assembly is huge....possibly not terminally disastrous but annoying and avoidable.  I used a "handle" of Blu-Tak to hold it in position, easier than fingers!


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Love to see this on Thursday hopefully?

Sorry Tim, can't make this meeting, playing golf in Salisbury with match meal afterwards. Have to be April, with luck! (No, just checked, I'm in Italy for the April meeting :( )

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So I'm at the stage of needing to drill the holes ready for rigging before attaching the upper wing.  The diagrams in the instructions for locations is rather useless in my opinion but a little research revealed this excellent walk around, lots of detail here:



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Nice project Max, dare I ask how your 110 is progressing :hmmm:


Regards. Andy

Well the 110 is in the paint shop Andy, that ruddy paint is taking forever to mix and match so the Geschwader Kommodore asked for his Jungmann to be prepped in the meantime. Orders is orders!

(In Cornwall next week but on the case on my return!)

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