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Zoukei Mura Dornier Do-335 A-10 (two-seat trainer) W/Nrs. 240112

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Hi guys,
While finishing Uhu I started to work on this one :).
Big thanks to our member Juraj (Trak-Tor) who was so kind and picked up one for me in Telford and arranged the transportation to my place.
I know that one-seat versions have been on the market for some time now, but I was looking forward to the two-seater version. It looks somehow more interesting to me. I expect it to be straightforward and simple build. I plan to skip all inner details that will not be visible after finishing. I have some extras, and will use everything that will give better or more detail.
Box is full of sprues. All main parts are from clear plastic which is little tricky to work with, but after my Ho 229 I know what to expect (lot of painting from inner side). You have 2 instructions, 2 decal sheets printed by Cartograf and 2 canopy masks.
I'm still waiting for G Factor legs (hopefully somewhere over Atlantic currently  :rolleyes:). :rolleyes: And will add HGW seatbelts as must have and metal pitot tube from ZM
As the only printed reference material I have Airframe and Miniature by Waliant Wings, which is IMHO great book with superb photos
As for version designation, I plan to build W/Nrs. 240112 which should be A-10 instead of A-12 according to Airframe data. Version A-12 was conversion based on version B-6 (differences: Jumo 213 engines instead of DB603, different engine intakes location, larger front wheel). Based on this evidence kit depicts the A-10 (conversion based on A-1 / A-0). And I like the idea (based on Airframe evidence) to finish undersides in natural metal instead of light blue as recommended by the manufacturer.
I will post first in progress photos soon
thanks for looking

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Wonderful, I also have the kit, with the ZM goodies - I did think, from looking at photos of the aircraft, that maybe 112 had natural metal undersides, and in the Classic Publications book it's listed as a Do 335 A-10.

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Guest Martinnfb

This is going to be awesome! :)



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Didn't have enough time to post some in progress photos in past weeks

so here is first update

I'm trying to keep this build as simple as possible. No internal structure or parts which do not contribute to the strength of the final construction.

First class fit so far, only tricky thing is that clear plastic, you need to spend time and effort with painting it from inner side


PE set for interior is great addition, however I would like to have even more detailed set to improve all areas of cickpit. 

PE insturment panel is must have, instead of plastic one in front cockpit at least,cause it is visible and quite prominent through the canopy with all the wiring.



















thanks for looking


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