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  1. Teach me your ways! Amazing as always man.
  2. Yeah. I really wish I could however being immunosuppressed its just not the best idea to be surrounded by that many people. Hoping I can catch some stuff the days before and after the show.
  3. Hey guys, So with the upcoming airshow in London Ontario, I was curious as to how people go about finding out when the performers arrive the day days before the show. I am unable to attend the actual show unfortunately but would love to catch some arrivals and departures. Is there a forum or websites that help track these sorts of things? Thanks everyone. Stay safe
  4. This is making miss this hobby so much!!! Amazing work love the weathering.
  5. Personally, this is why I love this hobby and miss it so much and am desperate to get back into it. Favourite version of the 190, fantastic build quality, paint is stunning and then, a lot, but absolutely wonderful weathering! 10/10. Two thumbs up. Great work and thanks for sharing!
  6. I mean, if you like well built and incredibly detailed builds then this is for you, otherwise look somewhere else. Awesome work! Love this plane and this build!
  7. Just incredible work! I can't wait to get back into this hobby. This is making it harder for me to be away. Keep up this awesome stuff!
  8. On my trip home for an airshow I did manage to get a couple update photos. My next chance will be at Christmas where I hope to finish the model for good. Thanks everyone. Just a pic from the show for fun:
  9. Yes, yes. Stand and take your bow, but honestly I can't wait to see what you build next! Awesome work as standard from you. Thanks for sharing it.
  10. *yawn* As usual, ridiculously fantastic! Can't wait to see what your next project will be once this is done.
  11. Absolutely awesome. Loving the weathering.
  12. Hey sorry for anyone following this build. I have recently moved across the country and was unable to bring any modelling stuff with me. I am going home soon for an airshow and will hopefully get some more on this build done and I can post it once I'm back. Have found my nearest model show as well and will hopefully be attending that this fall. After some turmoil with school and other things I have really started looking at the industry of scale models. The main problem is that I have a very limited idea of where to start. The knowledge I have gained was much thanks to Out2gtcha. However if anyone does have any tips or pointers please feel free to PM me so that we can keep this thread about this entirely way too long of a tigercat build. Thanks again everyone. Hope to be back soon with some updates on this build. Cheers and happy modelling!
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