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  1. *Update* I have updated the textures and therefore the photos. A bit crisper and cleaner as someone had pointed out the lines had seemed a bit blurry. Something in the editing somewhere. Enjoy and I hope to have more updated soon. Happy modelling!
  2. Funny, got damage like that on the tank inspired ones, hadn't thought about it for planes... should be easy enough to accommodate.
  3. Took the liberty to do a modern one as well, at least as modern as the MiG-21. I hope you approve. If anyone does have suggestions and ideas please feel free to share.
  4. I want to add more. I have barely scratched the surface of the number of different things I could do. Again if the interest is there for this to be on the market then more designs will be making an appearance.
  5. I will definitely update when I can with what it will look like on the final product once I even see one in person. Yes, that was originally where I started but I wasn't sure about copyright and whatnot with that. If things work out and money starts to roll in, these will definitely be added in the future. Cheers man.
  6. They are there. I'm not sure if its my monitor settings or what but for me I can see them. Obviously I will have to do a few test runs to make sure that the final product looks right with everything showing up the way I want it to. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, I know it has been a while since I've posted anything but as some of you may know I have recently moved across the country and have no space available to build, let alone store my collection. The last year has not been fun without my favourite hobby, however I may have found something to help satisfy the craving to build. I have created these digital weathered panels based off some of my favourite aircraft and tanks. Rather than creating a full profile of each aircraft or tank, I have incorporated specific identifiable features including panel lines, bolts, and paint schemes. I then thought to myself that this type of digital model could look great on the back of a phone, and that other modellers may appreciate an everyday product such as this that would celebrate their love of modelling in a subtle way. I am here to get an idea of whether or not there is interest in the market for items, such as phone cases, with digital weathered model-based prints. If you are interested please leave a comment along with the type of phone you have or would want a case for so that I can get an idea of which phones are most popular. Thank you all for your time and interest. Harrison P.S. There will be modern ones as well if interest is there. (Jets, modern tanks, etc) Here are a few examples:
  8. This is making miss this hobby so much!!! Amazing work love the weathering.
  9. Personally, this is why I love this hobby and miss it so much and am desperate to get back into it. Favourite version of the 190, fantastic build quality, paint is stunning and then, a lot, but absolutely wonderful weathering! 10/10. Two thumbs up. Great work and thanks for sharing!
  10. I mean, if you like well built and incredibly detailed builds then this is for you, otherwise look somewhere else. Awesome work! Love this plane and this build!
  11. Just incredible work! I can't wait to get back into this hobby. This is making it harder for me to be away. Keep up this awesome stuff!
  12. On my trip home for an airshow I did manage to get a couple update photos. My next chance will be at Christmas where I hope to finish the model for good. Thanks everyone. Just a pic from the show for fun:
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