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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

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Hi all and thank you.

Ian, to say the least, i have a bitter sweet feeling about this kit. Now i'm sure i'll one day build a dash A high viz cat, i still wonder if I'd pick the Trumpy or the Tamiya.


At this point I think i'd still go for Trumpeter, but with the feeling that they really could have done better. Their rendition of the -B cockpit is really accurate and quite good for an OOB pit. But this also shows that they had a good source of information. They had it for sure. But for some reason i dont know they once more managed to make so many mistakes in shapes and paper instructions. Once more, this so so annoying. This is so annoying because enginering is rather good, clear parts are superb ( but fuse lines are molded raised ontop of the main canopy....didnI say annoying ).

I know that on large scale models any subassembly is a small model on its own and needs detailing, that's the hobby we like, but I wonder if there is a part on this kit that didnt need a correction before a detailing path ! Maybe the airbrakes ?...



I'm building it for a paper article so I cant imagine not pushing to my best and correcting with Zacto intakes ( that are real worth the price ) and resin bits a'd personal work. My point is to show what these bits bring so that readers can choose if they are worth adding or not. I dont mean all these must be bought. But in the end you end up with a rather pricey stuffed pack to start with. Considering the ratio time spent on it/ price helps taking the pill, but this is up to each modeller !




But still , after typing this, i think Trumpeter is my go choice. But i'll need some time before making another 'cat, me thinks.ðŸ˜

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Guest Maxim

NIce work! Don't forget to dirty up the inside of the speed brake interiors. They got pretty dirty as they were always open when landing and all the crap thrown up from the main tires when the deck was wet coated the inside.

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Sir,Your TOMCAT is one of the most STUNNING I have seen Ever!

PHENOMENAL work and impressive attention to detail.


I LOVE it.


:wub: :wow:

KUDOS :bow: :bow:

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