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  1. Dear all, What started as a "what if we make a book for ourselves" project less than 2 years ago, has turned into quite an adventure. Yesterday, 3 new books arrived from the printers, so we're proud to announce them first here on LSP. Book nr. 6 is on the Eurofighter Typhoon (116 pages) and I'm really proud that I could work on this one. Really a lot of details (some unseen before) and over 300 photos. Book nr. 7 is on the Saab Viggen (84 pages) and covers the AJ37, SH37, SF37, SK37 and JA37. For this one, we've had some help of LSP members too! The last one is a limited edition book on the Dark Falcon F-16 team of the Belgian Air Force (108 pages). First I had the pleasure of helping to designing the livery and painting the jet, now designing a book for them! Here are some photos: Eurofighter Typhoon: and some preview pages: Saab Viggen: And finally the F-16 Dark Falcon: I hope you don't mind my announcing them here. The series really motivates me build some of my kits with a lot more details! Have a nice weekend, you all! Nic
  2. Thanks gents! About the paint used; the entire aircraft is painted with the same paint that is used on the operational F-16, provided by Akzo Nobel. The vertical tail is done with waterbed paint, simply because it dries much faster. With regards to decals: Syhart Decals provides decals in 1/72 and 1/48, but not (yet) in 1/32. When I asked him about 'our' scale, he told me it was quite an investment and would consider production the moment he had 100 sets in pre-order. I don't know if he has pre-orders yet and at what cost, but I can ask him if you like. I don't know what it would cost to get some masks made in 1/32. The masks in the photos in my first post are those for the actual aircraft, so in scale 1/1. In a few weeks a limited edition book on the Dark Falcon will be released that shows every detail of the jet. And for next year: the design of the 2020 tail has already started! Nic
  3. When we started on the Dark Falcon project, it was agreed that each year the design of the vertical tail would change. The reactions on last year's tail were really great, so the 2019 design had to be something eye-catching. So far, the first reactions are good, I hope it'll stay that way. We had to repaint it anyway, after maintenance the paint was damaged. But still it was strange, seeing the first design getting sanded off... Thanks for you feedback! Nic
  4. Some of you might remember that last year I posted some photos of the Belgian Air Force's F-16 demo jet and the painting process that was necessary to get to the Dark Falcon. Here's a photo of how it looked last year: For the coming season, we have designed a new tail to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the F-16 in service with the Belgian Air Force. The design that was made was a lot more complex than the previous one, which meant we needed 16 masks for each side of the vertical tail. Here are some of the masks: And here we have put the mask for the light grey parts on the vertical tail. As you can see; not just a lot of masking with the laser cut films, but also with paper. Not always easy to place at 4 meter of height (and the aft fuselage can be slippery, I almost slid off...). After a couple of days in the paintshop, this was the result: The menacing look of the falcon and the detail looked even better on the real jet than on the computer screen. This is modelling in scale 1:1 ! So much fun ! Although the real fun was for Vador, the pilot of the Dark Falcon. While we were painting, he was practicing his new display: I just wanted to share these photos with you and hope you enjoy them. My friend Fran├žois and I are building a model of the jet now in 1/48 and later also in 1/32. I'll post photos of that project when we have made some progress. Nic
  5. I have a Revell phantom in the stash too, there is quite a bit of work necessary to get to that result! I hope it is okay to point out one thing that caught my eye though: it seems like you switched the port and starboard splinter plates in front of the air intakes. The plates on your model face down, while they are almost parallel to the ground. It shouldn't be too hard to take them off the kit and switch them, though. I almost did the same thing! Nic
  6. Nic C.D.

    1/32 B-29?

    I like aircraft modelling, always have. I think it is fantastic that modellers can get excited about a kit being released that no-one thought possible before. In the last couple of years, I've built a T-28, a Kingfisher and a P-61 in 1/32. Not everyday subjects. I know a lot of people that have bought these kits too, even though I hardly see any in a competition, so for a modelling company to selecting a type based what you might see in competition (or even built) is a bit silly. For many, the fun is in buying a kit and doing research on it. A 1/32 scale B-29 sounds cool and I know quite a few modellers that would be excited about it. Pricing is important for me though. This is why I would much rather be tempted to buy a Liberator than a B-17. I have to say one thing though - and I hope it is okay for doing this. I so much more enjoy visiting the WIP, group builds and RFI parts of LSP. These pages inspire me. The discussion page sometime just kills my buzz. When I get excited about a kit and I come to find some photos of sprues or liveries, some of the comments just take away the fun for me. So in order to keep the fun, I'll probably just remain on the pages where the building is going on. No more discussion for me. Have fun building, all! Nic
  7. I really appreciate the feedback on the series, thanks all of you! And please, let us know what type of aircraft you would like to see a book about. The reason we are doing the Eurofighter Typhoon next is because many at Telford told us that they would like a book on the aircraft, so we gave it priority. Doing 4 books a year on top of our regular jobs is quite an adventure, but it is so much fun to do! In 2019 we hope to start a second series. And we hope to find some shops that might distribute the books in the US. Thanks again ! Nic
  8. Thanks guys! And saying it all started as an accident... The next one should be ready by the end of february - for those that are interested; it's going to be on the Eurofighter Typhoon. The hardest part of each book is the selection of the photos; going down from 3.000 to 350. Glad you like them Danny and Dave! Nic
  9. The Tornado book was presented on Saturday and fortunately it was well received! One of the great things about going to Telford, is that you meet so many great people and get instant feedback. The Tornado was the 5th book in just 15 months, it's so cool to be involved in this series. It sold really well, and so did book 4 on the Fulcrum. The people visiting Telford where asked what type of aircraft they wanted next in this series and many people answered the same one - upon coming back on Monday, work started right away and requests were made. We hope to have it ready in 6 to 9 months, but we have to start from scratch. One of the next books will be a little bigger, because we're working on a book covering all current versions of the C-130. One great anecdote is that on Sunday afternoon, a gentlemen came by and told us he was actually in the back-seat of the Tornado on the cover of the book! How cool is that? Thank you everyone for your interest! Nic
  10. Thank you all for the nice comments! It really isn't a hard kit to build, and for the price (it was under 30 euro) you get a lot of value. The engine was built and painted too and since the top engine cover isn't glued, you can see it, but no extra detail was added, like I usually do. I'm sorry about the bazookas - I thought they looked cool. I didn't research the use of it by the Polish squadron... My bad! I'm working on KH's F-5 now, another nice kit from them. For that one, I did ad some detail to the cockpit though... Thanks for looking! Nic
  11. Dear all, I hope it is okay to post this here; I've been busy the last couple of weeks helping out with the new HMH Publications book, the 5th in just 14 months. This time, it covers the Tornado, mainly GR4 and GR4a, but also German and Italian IDS and ECR and Tornado ADV F.3 in an extra chapter. It is at the printers now and it will be presented for the first time in Telford Saturday next. For the next 12 months, 4 more books are in the works. Here is a preview: It is 116 pages and like the other 4 (Jaguar, F-16, Mirage 2000 and MiG-29) filled with lots and lots of details. It might come in handy for the Revell and upcoming Italeri kit! Nic
  12. Here are a few photos of my newly built Trumpeter P-51 B Mustang III, built straight out of the box, except for seatbelts. I was wondering how this kit would build (bought for less than 30 euro) after reading so much about it. It built quite easily. Most enjoyable, actually! And in time to take the kit to Telford in 3 weeks time. I hope you like the result; the pilot seems to be quite happy to pose for a photo next to it... I hope to get another 1/32 kit ready for the deadline, but not sure I will make it... Thanks for watching ! Nic
  13. I think it is nice that someone has a passion for aircraft and wants to share it by producing 1/32 scale models. Good for modellers! I don't buy a lot of kits, but if I do, it is because I like the subject, think the quality and price are okay and that's it. I like to go to a local modelshop where you talk to some friends about the kits and drink a cup of coffee. What I don't like is when brands announce a kit and then you have to wait for years before it is available in the shops. If a kit is announced, I understand that it can take a few months or even a year, but if it takes longer, then that's just taking a claim. And if it take too long, the brands shouldn't be surprised that another brand choses the same subject. I believe people have been talking about the Lancaster from the time when Martin, a nice Dutch gentleman was working to release the B-25 under Wing XL. That ended not so nicely and I felt for him (and still do). I've stopped waiting for so many kits. Lancaster, RAF Phantom, Su-33, F-111, ... I just hope we will have some nice Lancaster building reports here on LSP. Because I like more to build kits than wait for them. Keep modelling everyone! Nic
  14. Nooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!! I knew I shouldn't have started that vacu kit, I've just finished engraving the wings........... Nic
  15. It has been a while since I have been on LSP. I haven't read all of the 61 (!!) pages on the topic of Kitty Hawk's F-5, but some info I read is quite interesting. Thank you. I've bought the kit and am in the process of building it, so here's some info from me: The fit of this kit is really great. The most important fit is obviously the forward fuselage to the aft fuselage, and it is impressive. The fit of the radome to the nose is also fantastic - compare this to the radome of Italeri's Mirage III, which is like 2 mm too large for the fuselage. Also, the wings-fuselage joint is very nice. So, if some of you are interesting in actually building the kit: it is really good! Of all the Kitty Hawk kits in 1/32, I built all but one and they get better every time. If you want to, it can be built into a convincing model in just a few weeks. I liked the T-6, but it needed some work. The Bronco was better, but needed a spar in the wings. The Sabre Dog was good and the Kingfisher and T-28 were really good. This F-5 is impressive and easy to build. I like to add details to the models I build and in order to do so, like with any model, you need to do some research. If you do this, you get to info such as Ivan's. But again, you do this with any model from any brand, right? No need to brand. I'm building the "brown" aggressor and if you google the BuNo, you get several photos showing some interesting details, such as the colour of the RWR's or the position of antennas. Here is a photo of where I'm at in detailing the cockpit: Fit of the 4-part nose, just dry-fitted: I have skipped the ever returning comments of criticism on the kits (too boring...) and instead been building them over the last couple of years. This experience learned me that the results are not bad at all and that the kits keep getting better. Here's an impression: So, my advise is: talk about them, research them, but don't forget to build them. Nic
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