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  1. Hello Chuck, The entire range is leaving this week on a ship towards the US, where they will be distributed by Casemate Publishing. I guess in a few weeks, they will be available for shops in the US and Canada. If you have a preferred shop, they can contact them to get them books. Hope this helps! Nic
  2. That photo is of the real jet, Alain! Taken with a drone! Nic
  3. You did a fantastic job painting painting that jet, Mike. I like the detail that you put into it, like the logo on the back of the helmet! I hope to be doing one as well, I've bought the Tamiya Thunderbirds kit for it - which was waaaaayyy too expensive - and the resin sets by PWMP. Not many people will see the Dark Falcon this year I'm afraid, with close to all European airshows cancelled, but here are a few photos of what she looks like now with her new tail (and repainted after have been into maintenance): The designs of the vertical tail are different on each side; this is the starboard side: And a close-up of the 2020 patch on both sides of the tail: And to give an idea of how good a job Mike has done painting the kit, here's a photo we made with a small drone: No flags on the horizontal tails yet; those change for each show and are big stickers. For those with eagle-eyes; the missile rails haven't been repainted yet, so Mike got that right, they are supposed to be black too! Nic
  4. Thank you all! Sorry about the bad photography, I should invest in a little studio... This F-5 really is a great kit to build. I've got a two-seater in the stash too, but haven't started it yet. Nic
  5. I keep putting off the work on the Harrier II I'm building, so I built Revell's very nice Rammjäger. It isn't completely done (I'm waiting for some seatbelts and easy wire for the antenna I've ordered), but wanted it to show here already. It is built out-of-box, except I riveted the kit. Took me about 6 days to build it. Decals are also from the box and I have to say; some of the best I've used! Very impressive! In all, there are 4 canopies in the kit, This is the 'open' one with the armour side windows. This kit is ideal for when you like to build a weathered kit! The instructions mention the camouflage to be RLM 74/82 over RLM 76, but it is RLM 74/75 over 76. Here's the starboard side: And the port side: And just one more on the field: This is a great kit for a very reasonable price and I will surely build another one of the rammjägers. I have an F8 in the stash, maybe I'll give that one a go! However, I can't keep putting off finishing that Harrier, so that'll probably be the next one I'll post here. I hope you like the result of this A8/R2! Keep building, you all! Nic
  6. While I'm working on the Spanish Harrier II, I finished an F-5E from Kitty Hawk. Bad at photographing models, I should buy a new camera and get some lessons... Anyway, here it is. This is the 6th Kitty Hawk kit I've made and this is the easiest by far. The T-28 and Kingfisher were really good, the Bronco, Sabre Dog and T-6 took more work. I've added a little detail to the cockpit, canopy and gun bay, I painted the tail. The blade antenna on the spine was replaced by the black GPS receiver. On the centreline is a external fuel tank, adopted from a brown aggressor. There was a bit of work to get the windscreen fitted - and some putty needed - but it turned out okay. The tubing on the seat and behind it is all scratched from different sized lead wiring. Masking the inside of the air intake was a pain, but worth the time. The panels and rivets from the kit are impressively nice. After painting and shading, just a wash is needed to get the details popping. The decals in the kit are great, but as mentioned, I didn't want to risk the decal for the vertical tail and painted it. Here's another photo of it; it was painted with Revell Aquacolors and some details in Gunze water colours. I saw a photo with part of the trailing edge flap in zinc chromate yellow, I thought that was a nice touch. And now, I get back to the Harrier II, I hope to finish it in a few months. Afterwards, I'll start a Mirage 2000D. That's one I've been waiting a long time to get and build. Haven't got it yet, but that just a matter of time. Ow, and I'm doing a little side project with a Ramjäger. I hope you like this Tiger II, sorry for the bad photos, the kit looks much better on my desk than in the photos. Keep building, everyone! Nic
  7. The books are going out right now! Should be a couple of days before they arrive at the shops, but they're here! The next books aren't on the F-117 or the Draken, but those are great ideas, Kagemusha. I'd love to do one on the F-117, but not sure how to get get to photos of that one, especially for the cockpit and maintenance chapters. The next 3 books in this series all have 1/32 scale kits, so that's something! Nic
  8. And they arrived today!! Took longer than expected to get them, but the printers work with only 25% of the usual crew. It's always cool to have the books delivered and start building a model of these jets! Such a shame there's isn't a MiG-31 in 1/32. Could be such an awesome kit! I've been thinking about scratching a MiG-31, but at over 70 cm long in 1/32, it's probably too big of a challenge for me. And we've already busy on the next few books! Something more triangular... Nic
  9. The PJ pilot is pretty good, actually. A few years ago, I built one in my "Geiger Tiger" F-86D. Here's a photo of it during construction: Nic
  10. I talked to Sylvain recently and I think the decals will be done later this year. Not just with the 2018 and 2019 vertical tails, but also with the one for this year. The new tail has been finished and the jet is standing in it's hangar, but due to restrictions, it hasn't been flown yet and the design hasn't been presented officially yet. I can't tell you how frustrating that is. And the way it looks now with all the airshows being cancelled, chances are that very few people will ever see it! I will keep you informed on the decals here, of course ! Nic
  11. Thank you all for the feedback! This build is a lot of fun and I can't seem to stop to add details left and right. It has been a long time since I've been so motivated. Here's the ejection seat painted and placed in the cockpit. Some detail was added, like the oxygen tube, radio connection point and the small green handle next to the ejection handle at the front of the seat. It still needs a little more detail, but that's for at the very end of the build. Here it is with the instrument panel added. I cut away all the plastic aft of the cockpit, so I can detail the area below it which will be visible through the openings in the edged part. The area will be another challenge, to add more detail though! With the front part of the fuselage closed, I can modify the area. Now, I'll have to paint the air intake and turbine. Next time! Nic
  12. At last there is some paint being used in this build - first time since the build began a few months ago. It's good to see the added, specific details for the Spanish Harrier blend well in the cockpit parts. It is a shame that many of the details will be hidden once the ejection seat will be placed in it, but, hey they're there and it was fun to build them. You can hardly see the rivets I added to the side of the cockpit wall either ... Here are two more views: Now this is done, the exterior of the nose section can be modified where necessary and I can get started with finishing the details on the air intakes and paint them as well. And painting the almost done engine bay. Slowly, the EAV-8B is taking shape. Hope you like the progress! Nic
  13. So, before the big work of painting can start, there is still some work to be done on the little parts. Here's a little update: First, the air intakes. The 3 top auxiliary doors are open when the jet is on the ground, but there isn't any depth in the wells for them, so you have to scratch that. For this, I used the thinnest plasticard that I could find. This photo shows the strips of plastic glued to the intake, waiting for the glue to dry. Below is the same part, with the strips trimmed and sanded smooth. This will look so much better when on the kit, especially on the port side of the kit, where the inflight-refuelling probe will be extended. Because it sits on top of the air intake, this area just had to be much better than out of the box. The area behind the aft engine nozzle needs some attention too. For this, I use parts of an Eduard set and some parts that I scratch build. Photos of some Spanish Harriers show some strengthening panels attached to the lower fuselage, so these are shaped and glued to the model as well. The hydraulics panel immediately before the aft nozzle opening has to be detailed on the inside, but that's for later in the construction. One of the things that is missing in the trumpeter kit, is the underside of the LEX. When you look at the kit when finished, you probably would never notice it, but it bugged me, so, I modified the parts. Again, some thin plasticard, careful sanding and done. I'll have to add a few rivets though. Some more small parts with details added; the one landing gear, with the tie-downs sanded off and replaced with some better ones. I'll still have to add the hydraulic and electrical lines. I also drilled a hole in the connecting point, so I can add a tow-bar later. To the right is the set-up for the instruments in the avionics bay, aft of the nozzles. This is just the basis, it needs loads of more details and many, many cables. I also added detail to the speed brake and the outer rigger gear. And finally, the inside of the landing gear doors and the added part to the vertical tail that should be left metal. I also riveted the tail itself. So, work continues slowly but surely. Painting is closer than you might think, though. Next time, I might be able to show some REAL progress ! Nic
  14. I've got a set of decals from the Tamiya kit that you can have if you like. If you pm me your address, I'll send them over on Monday morning! Nic
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