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  1. The ground power is attached to a receptacle located on the aft fuselage on the port side - see photo below. Photo from the Duke Hawkins book with reference DH-011. I'm building a Trumpeter Harrier too and have opened this part open: Hope this helps!
  2. Hi Alain, I did a little more work on the Wyvern, but when it was announced - I believe by HPH Models - that they are working to release a 1/32 scale kit of the aircraft in resin or injection, I lost a little motivation... I'm not sure where they are with the development with the kit though, so I might pick up the kit again. If you are tempted by the Tigger kit: go for it! The basic forms are pretty good and the plastic is thick, which is really comfortable to work with. I've got other vacuformed kits with very thin plastic and those are a pain. The plastic is sometime
  3. I would like to offer a copy of our latest book: almost 200 pages of Phantom action and detail - over 500 photos ! Nic
  4. At last a little bit of progress on the Matador II. With emphasis on 'little'. Because I want to show the radar in detail and the kit offers no framing for it, it has to be scratched. After a couple of tries, I made this basis for it; now I can start adding details to it. So, I started to build the radar itself. In the kit, it is too big and well... rather simple. With parts of the radar of an Academy F/A-18 Hornet that was donated by Fred (thanks again!), I'm on the way to something that resembles the real thing. Still some work to do though!
  5. Hello you all! We're finishing our next two books and I can share with you the covers of these books: DH-015 is a 196 page book (so that's BIG) on the Phantom II - more specifically the E/F/EJ, RF-4C/E and QF-4E versions, with loads of photos of Phantoms of Greece, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Iran, USAF and Turkey. It includes some fantastic air to air photography and very colourful jets! Many pages of maintenance - even some made in unexpected places -, some great stories and great details as well as a lot of action! This is the cover image:
  6. Thanks guys! We still have a lot of fun making the books - it's fun to make the photos (photo selection is a little less fun, going back from 2,000 photos to 350 is hard), doing the lay-out and doing the research, which sometimes brings surprises. Like those Skyhawk slats! Once my Trumpeter Harrier II is done, I hope to continue my work on an A-4AR that I started some time ago. I hope to build it in maintenance, with the nose folded open (twice) and the engine out. At the moment, we're especially happy that we made additional trips before the crisis started; all our trips and base
  7. Thank you for the feedback Thierry! Initially, the Skyhawk book was going to be just 84 pages and only on the M and N versions, but we decided to go for 116 pages in the end. And with regards to the back-seat cockpit; I'll get in contact with our photographer in Brazil and ask if he can make some photos. If he's able, I'll post the photos here and if ever we have to reprint the book, we'll include them! At the moment, we're working hard on two more books to be released this year. The first is on a really legendary aircraft and will be 196 pages ! The second is an 84 page book on
  8. Hey Guys, just checked and the entire series of books (13 so far, soon 15) is now available in the US and Canada from Casemate Publishing. It took some time for the boat to arrive across the pond, but they finally arrived! Youhou !! Nic (Sorry was just excited, it won't happen again...)
  9. That sound exciting, Red Dog! I've started on a A-4 AR myself, but I'll build it in a maintenance diorama. The Trumpeter kit is a fantastic basis to do just that, it's just a shame about the nose wheel moulded on the gear strut. Here's a sample of the AF-1 on the Sao Paulo: Plenty more where that came from! Hope you like it!
  10. Hey guys, Just to clarify: the team joked not wanting a book nr. 13 in the series, so that's the reason why the Mirage is DH-012+. DH-012 is on the MiG-31. So: DH-011 - Harrier II DH-012 - MiG-31 DH-012+ - Mirage III DH-014 - Skyhawk. A big shipment of books was sent to our US distributor - Casemate - about 7 weeks ago, so they should have arrived by now, unless if they are blocked somewhere due to the virus. I really hope they can be in shops in the US and Canada soon! Michael, yes yes! The Recce version is in the book with plenty
  11. With the book on the Spanish Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos I released this week, it is time to announce our next two books in the aircraft series! Release date is September 15 and these are two books we've been working on for quite some time! The first one is with reference DH-012+. This is a 116 page book on the Mirage III/5/50. This is the first of the famous French supersonic deltas, which remains operational to this date (nearly 70 years already!) with the Pakistan Air Force. This book is filled with details, action, cockpit, maintenance of the Mi
  12. Another little bit of progress, albeit slow... I've started to do the rivets on the wing, aft fuselage and vertical tail. Still a lot more to do, but hey, it's an update, right? The rivets that aren't deep enough after sanding, are done again one by one. The wing isn't glued to the fuselage yet, neither are the trailing edge flaps. First set of rivets on the vertical tail. Still struggling what to do with the rudder though... I don't like the two connecting points so clearly visible. Have to think about that. The added tube needs a bit of cle
  13. Hi Pete, I'm building a Trumpeter Harrier too and I was looking at the detonation cord problem for some time. I was talking about it with my friend Fran├žois and while trying to find a solution, he asked me: "Is it engraved from the inside?" We we did a little check and it is! So, I did a wash with light grey gouache paint and the result was great! Problem solved ! And the advantage is, you can give it a few tries, because the paint can be washed out with water if you don't like the colour (my first try was with pure white gouache, which was too bright). I'll try to make a phot
  14. Our next book is currently at the printers and it is the first one in a new series on aircraft carriers. When we worked on the Harrier book, we had the opportunity to stay for some time on board the Spanish carrier Juan Carlos I and made so much photos that we decided to make a book on the ship. More books are planned, but unfortunately, some visits have been cancelled due to the Corona virus. Anyway, here are the cover and some samples of the new book for you: Lots and lots of Harriers: but also helicopter action:
  15. It's been a few months, but finally there's some progress. Not a lot, but slowly, I'm getting there. This is the forward part of the engine painted. Part of the details is on top of the engine, while another part is on the inside of the wing. I also added a Master angle-of-attack probe to the forward part of the fuselage and made the reinforcements around the FLIR housing. By adding the seat and the canopy to the cockpit, a lot of detail will be hidden, so I'm thinking of scratching a crane next to the jet, with the seat attached to it; a bit l
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