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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

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Fanch, I would love to see you make a short film on exactly how you do this magic! Just amazing and very inspriational for the rest of us!

Cheers and thanks again for sharing!


Check out his facebook channel - I just watched a 1-hour adventure of the weathering of the flats/slats.... I gotta try that tip with the spraying of highly diluted paint through a thin layer of sponge.

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Hello and thank you

To summ up I'd say that i use the foam fabric for positive painting and the liquid mask for negative painting.


I start with a base coat of.... base color, and at this very beginning you can start with a rather transparent mix and work different densities.


Thrn i prepare a very light and thinned mix and set a first pattern of liquid mask applied with a foam pad and spray a fine mottling over. Then add some more mask and then some more mottling and so on. Remove all the mask and check.

You can then restart from beginning or use the foam fabric to add different shapes of pattern. As this is very transparent work, in the end you'll have built a lot of shades in a rather quick and straightforward process.

Once you have a light result, add some darkening for balancing : liquid mask method, fabric through painting , or airflow staining for example. Normally you can expect to spend less time on this stage as it raises contrast quickly.


Once this is done, restart with a balance mix ( base color with a but of white, or any missing shade you notice) to set up the contrast. At this stage i added grime and hidden hints of blue by positive painting.


I did a few videos for fun on my FB thing, but i think that it saves a poor quality film, it may help putting pictures and gestures on what i try to explain with my non-native english writing


Hope this helps!


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WOW, I'm speechless at your ability and skills Fanch. Truly remarkable work thus far and a pleasure to witness. This will have to be "The Ultimate Cat" when completed for sure. I should let you do the paint work on my 1/18th scale Cat. Really looking forward to more updates. Keep it up.





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