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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat


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Thanks you very much !


I also have skills ... to fail ! I set the skulls too low on tails tonight and decided to remove them as a spare sheet is already on the way ( due to a failed NAVY decal a few days ago on an engine nacelle....luckily i managed to find them as they are quite rare now )


I'll have to dind another area to work on...walkways, maybe !

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Thank you !



So, I decided to turn my skull decals fail into an opportunity to make my own ones and pick the color they had on their return. Zotz decals provides grey skulls, which is correct ( some other brands made them white ) but I am making an aircraft on cruise's return and these tail skull where rather bleached.

















next: walkways !


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here's the work so far. I had set some adhesive walkaways made by Crossdelta as they were included with the tail stiffeners, the latters being the main intersest of the set. They were not that bad, but still couldnt match the effect of home made walways using some surfacer. On such a visible area, it would have be a big mistake not to spend a bit more time on these.








I took a bit of time to make the fiber glass ECM bluges and used a fine mesh as a template to simulate their texture on weathered areas.









and then gloss, oil wash ( Mars Black, Sennelier fine oil paints ) and flat varnish. I decided to set the flat coat at this moment to be sure that the weathering wouldn't loose too much contrast or need some adjustments. Good news, the AK Ultra flat i've been using for the first time has been very good. Perfectly clear, no whitenig. Excellent product.






I can now move onto engine nacelles weathering, and fine work ( streaks, leaks, scratches, etc )

best regards


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