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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

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On 7/25/2018 at 12:23 PM, MARU5137 said:




EXQUISITE workmanship.:wub:   this HAS TO BE MY  FAVORITE TOMCAT build.




I thought you said MY Tomcat re-build was your favorite build ??  :D



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At last last I have something to show here ! Last weeks have been about landing gears. Trumpeter parts are not that bad in detail but main legs are too high and the kit gets an odd ground clearance and angle/nose tilt. I have tried Gfactors legs that even if labelled for both Tamiya and Trumpeter kits are much more for the Tamiya one. The Trumpeter kit has some sort of over size in the aft area which is not noticeable when the kit is corrected with Zacto intakes. But these long intakes correct the shape but are still a compromise in overall sizing. Then the G Factor legs are too short for the Trumpy kit, I think.

Then i first corrected the clearance between drop tanks and intakes that i find too high with Zacto's pylons even though they are superb, and once happy with that I decided to chop a 2-3 mm ring off the main legs, just above the oleo scissors. The actuators needed then shortenning too.


Once happy with that, it became just a matter of addind details comeing from my ever trusted Plastruct and Evergreen rods and strips. I also used some resin connectors and breaded lines coming from Top Studio, a car and bike modelling brand that i didn't know. Just a lucky pick when sourcing my armour glass paint at spotmodel.com















Correted and rounded profiles on Wheeliant wheels which were too square in section.










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3 times same pic, my mistake

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