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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

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Time for an update. I haven't been able to bring much consistent update due to some time lost sorting out landing gear size issues. I'll tell more about this later on, i now need replacement wheels to move forward on this.

As I'm waiting for my wheels, I've been working on the GBU-12's and exhausts.


These are Eduard Brassin GBU's with navy coating added, made of MrSurfacer 500. My trusty crapy Ikea flat brush was perfect to work the texturing with lacquer thinner.

I've been adding some wiring and RBF tags, thanks to one of our kind members advice ( still need one more RBF and pin, though )
















And work on the exhaust. Daco shows an excellent picture of a VF-103 Tomcat in the end of its service, perfect match with my topic. No Black and White look but rather some sort of grimey grey green with a few petals having some sort of sandy hue. A good opportunity to have a bit of unusual.








and after a fine brush work with oil paint and AK washes:









best regards !


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You are a true artist with color and blending. I've enjoyed watching all of your projects, this one as the others has a personality of its own. Very Impressive :bow:, Keep up the fantastic work! 


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Apart from the sheer craftsmanship required to create the surfacing on the GBU's, the painting and finishing is enough to knock ones socks off! The hand painted greetings look just like chalk, and even reflect different hand writing styles - talk about an eye for detail.


It is a treat to watch your work Fanch.



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