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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

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It's been quite a while since my last build on LSP ! This year i've been back to modelling and here's the progress on an F-14B "late".

Cokpit is a franken-pit done with both B ( early, for Tamiya kit ) and D Aires sets. Some parts were carefully cut with etch saws to break down the pits. To summ up,

  • D tub
  • early seats
  • early front boards and covers
  • RIO: late front large screen, lower screen right side, late stick on the left console, early stick ahead of the main screen ( photos of my unpainted pit show by mistake the late stick )
  • HUD added for the pilot.

I have aires wheel wells and exhausts, and the great Zactomodels intakes which any modeller should have the opportunity to handle once. Great great craftmanship. All in all a pricey pack to gather, but I wont have many opportunities to build up an article on such a big jet !


Here are the pictures of the work so far:











OOOOoops ! Wrong RIO stick !





I hope you'll like it !

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Wow! What a great start.  :popcorn:


I know nothing about the Tomcat, so forgive this question: were the intakes really that dirty? I thought they stuffed a man up there regularly with a mop and bucket.

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As others have said, it is great to see you again and see you wonderful work again. I'm still amazed by your previous work. And now, your sharing your skills on the mighty Cat...Whhaaattt?!?! totally cool :D


A must follow ;)

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