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  1. Yes, she is b e a utiful! Wow. A real work of art. The challenges with this one were daunting to be sure , but you have overcome them very nicely. Well done Anthony
  2. Great build R B ! She looks the part for sure, put her top shelf.
  3. Chuck, wonderful job of painting, thanks for the tutorial. Small question, will you darken the indented rivets on the bare metal area? What will you use to do this? Sincerely Anthony
  4. Gorgeous Marcel! She is a real keeper for sure. Anthony
  5. OK so first i cut a Tamiya exhaust can down to the inside pedals. Then glued it to the inside of the Revell exhaust Then I applied the Eduard photo etch details as such Finally paint! Hope this helps. Sincerely Anthony
  6. Pretty good. So modest, it looks fantastic! Great job! Anthony
  7. Nice! Very subtle , not too gaudy. Less is more. Anthony
  8. A Great save Marcel! Throwing in the towel on this would be to easy, and my impression of you is you are not that easily defeated. And to quote a funny movie "I just want you to know, we're all counting on you".
  9. Nicely said and nicely done Gary! A picture is worth a thousand words. Sincerely Anthony ps if I had the money I would buy this conversion.
  10. I agree with Chuck very unique! A masterpiece in it's self. Anthony
  11. She's a keeper for sure, very well done!
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