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  1. Place my order, looking forward to this one. Just wish we had a 32nd scale Prowler. Come on Trumpeter, just 2 new fuselage halves, 2 new inner wing halves, a cockpit and canopies. Jake, how long until I get an order confirmation? Thanks. Chuck
  2. Is there a source for their stuff in the USA? Thanks. Chuck
  3. Thanks, any idea what is the best am seat that you can get for the T2? Chuck
  4. Hey guys, anybody know of any A/M for the Hawk T2, especially decals for current RAF squadrons, resin seats and PE. Many thanks. Chuck
  5. I'd like one of the sets. Please let me know about the payment instructions. My email is cook3843@etcmail.com Thanks. Chuck
  6. Anybody care to share their opinions of Reskit resin accessories? they've got some new parts coming out, duel bomb racks for F-18's & -16's, wheels and tires for helicopters, etc., that looks really nice. Plus where do you US based modelers buy their stuff from? Thanks. Chuck
  7. Just one question, is it larger in diameter then the kit part that is well undersized? Thanks. Chuck
  8. Ordered. Deliver is said to be Mon. Sept. 23rd. We'll see. Chuck
  9. Where can I order 2 sets of the full open 'burners? Thanks. Chuck
  10. Tried Ebay and Amazon, no luck. Grrr.... Chuck
  11. Hey guys, does anyone know of a source for the Live Resin Miniguns, set number LRE35173, for use with the KH MH-60L in the USA? SB has a pretty good stock of Live Resin, but not these. Thanks. Chuck
  12. Thanks David, never thought about the Hunter drop tanks. I've toyed with using the tanks from the Academy Blackhawk kit. Great work. Chuck
  13. Amazing build, great work. I've thought along time about building my Revell kit like this. Question, what did you get the drop tanks? Chuck
  14. Hey guys, did the Revell Lynx Mk. 8 kit ever make to American soil? I'd love to get one of these, anyone know of availability here? Thanks. Chuck
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