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  1. I read in the kit review in the new F/A-18 Detail & Scale book, excellent by the way, that there's a second updated release of this kit with some modest corrections. Anybody heard anything about this and how would that kit be identified. Thanks. Chuck
  2. Does anyone possibly have any contact info for Paul Metz, first man to fly a production F-22 and the only man to fly both the F-22 and the F-23. I've got a large photo of the F-22 being readied at Lockheed prior to it's first flight. I'd love to have him sign it before I have it framed. Thanks for any info. Chuck
  3. How about we suggest something that is really possible and leaves me scratching my head. Add 1 sprue, 1 new canopy and you've got a Block 50 or a block 30 F-16 Viper. by repopping the 2 boxings they already have. Chuck
  4. I'd a love a set of that conversion. Great work. Chucl
  5. Wow, those decals look great! It's just a shame there's no kit to use them on. Chuck
  6. Thanks Kirk, I did the same thing up until a couple months ago and the B&N I have close appears to have stopped carrying them. I'll try online. Chuck
  7. Hey guys, anybody know of a source in the states Air Forces Monthly and Combat Combat Aircraft Journal? Sprue Brothers used to carry them, but it appears they don't anymore. Thanks. Chuck
  8. I know this is a dumb question, but what seat is that and what aircraft is it for? Chuck
  9. When is someone going to do a correct 2000-5 IP with the MFD's? Chuck
  10. I've got that kit and some AM, but I'd love to have some decals for one of those SC ANG Gray birds! Chuck
  11. Hey guys, is there anyway to identify the unit of a Korean War F-51D Mustang by the "Buzz Number". Specifically RF-775, any way to get the Serial Number and unit? Thanks for any info. Chuck
  12. Are the books available from any US distributors yet? They look great! Chuck
  13. While that a great picture of a USMC Skyraider, it doesn't really show what color the interior (other then the consoles and IP) is. Anybody got any other input? Manythanks. Chuck
  14. Hey guys, I'd like to build a Trumpeter AD-4 as it served in my late father's squadron, VMA-121 in Korea. I've got a couple questions though. What color would be correct in the cockpit below the cockpit sills for anything other then the side consoles & IP? Also, what color would the wheel wells be, some kind of chomate or dark sea blue. Thanks for any guidance. Chuck
  15. How about them just doing the obvious, an F-16D. 1 new sprue and it's done and call in the Brinks trucks. Chuck
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