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  1. otis252

    AfterMarket For Kinetic Hawk Advanced Trainer

    Guess there's not much there, huh? What about some suitable resin seats? Chuck
  2. Hey guys, what's out there for the Kinetic Hawk kit? I want to build it as a Raf Hawk T.2. Looking for decals, cockpit, seats, anything. Thanks. Chuck
  3. Has anyone else had problems with the site, especially the forums? It has been running slow and was not accessible at all last nigh. Every other site I visited was working perfectly. Thanks. Chuck
  4. otis252

    Viper Under The Skin – Special Edition!

    Got my copy today. Excellent book and great service! What's next? Thanks. Chuck
  5. otis252

    Aires F-105 wheelbay will the fit?

    Those wheel wells really look great, it's shame we can't get the G-Factor gear anymore. Chuck
  6. otis252

    1/32 F-4G& F-4B/N SUPER SET UPDATE!!!!!!! 12/3/18

    I'm really looking forward to this set. I always thought about building the weasel from the Revell kit, but this pushes me over the edge for the Tamiya kit. By the way Jake's decals are great! Chuck
  7. otis252

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    This kit will be great! Anybody heard any news on a release date? Thanks. Chuck
  8. otis252

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    Great news! I want two, a Navy ace maker and a Marine night fighter! Chuck
  9. Hey Paul, you ever considered a F-3D Skynight? It was flown with success in the Korean War and Vietnam. Then after that as a Navy EW and missile test bed. Decals would be easy, just a Marine black version with red markings in Korea and a Marine VMCJ-1 or 2 VN markings. Think about it. Thanks. Chuck
  10. Hey Harold, looking at the kit seat, what you've done is incredible. I'd love to have seen what you can do with the belts, but the seat is a massive improvement. Thanks so much. Chuck
  11. otis252

    Big Scale Weasels!!

    Order placed. Chuck
  12. Got my sheets yesterday. As usual, exceptional quality and service. Now I just need to get my hands on another A-6A. Chuck
  13. For those that were perhaps setting on the fence about buying this kit, take note. Harold's seat and wheels are huge improvements. Looking forward to seeing the finished seat with belts and perhaps the new IP. I've seen a set of the new wheels & tires and they are fantastic! You must have them if you're going to build this kit. Stay tuned. Chuck
  14. otis252

    Fisher Models A1-E Skyraider

    Great looking work. What did you use for the seat belts? Chuck
  15. Wow! Really nice Harold. Looking forward to seeing that seat with the belts, an incredible improvement. Chuck