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  1. otis252

    Looks like the Revell Super Hornet is out

    Yes Dave, some pictures side by side would be very helpful. Thanks. Chuck
  2. otis252

    What decals for Revell super Bug?

    Not to hijack the stated subject, but can that piece be corrected by a simple aftermarket part? I understand it's a shame that it has to be that way, but can one piece fix the problem? Chuck
  3. otis252

    1:18 Hobbyboss AV-8B Harrier

    That seat is amazing. Wish Harold could have cast it with the belts and buckles on it! Chuck
  4. otis252

    The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition

    Awesome! Can't wait to order it. Chuck
  5. otis252

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    Bill, I'd love to follow along as you apply your great skills on the far less then perfect Trumpeter Super Hornet. Give it a go! Chuck
  6. Great news, 3 of my favorite Marine squadrons. Especially the Snakes! Bring it on. Chuck
  7. otis252

    Italeri TF-104

    While that PE looks great, did I read that Aires was going to do a 2 seat cockpit? Thanks. Chuck
  8. otis252

    1:18 Hobbyboss AV-8B Harrier

    I got the all the resin that was cast by Harold at AMS Resin today, absolutely incredible! If you have this kit, you must get this cockpit set and wheels. Hopefully there will be more. Great job guys. Chuck
  9. otis252

    F-51 Korean War Mustang

    Many thanks guys for the great info. Ordered a couple of the books and the sprues with the zero length rocket launchers. Next the decals. Thanks. Chuck
  10. otis252

    F-51 Korean War Mustang

    Hey guys, picked up a Tamiya P-51D/K Mustang today and want to as a Korean War fighter bomber. My questions are what changes need to be made, what aftermarket is available and of course decals to make this version? Also, what references for this version are available? Many thanks. Chuck
  11. otis252

    Modern RAF Weapons

    The AMS Paveways, as nice as they are, are Paveway II's. What I'm looking for is the newer Paveway III and IV 500 lb bombs. It's had to believe that no AM manufacturer has done the Brimstone Missile, as it is becoming one of the most carried weapons of the RAF. Chuck
  12. otis252

    Modern RAF Weapons

    Hey guys, anybody know of a source of some of the modern RAF weapons carried by the Tornado GR4 and the Typhoon? Specifically the later Paveway 3 & 4 LGBs and the Brimstone Missile. Thanks. Chuck
  13. Great work! I was always hoping that Fisher would do this kit. That probably wont happen now unfortunately. Chuck
  14. otis252

    Dremel type tools

    Which Dremel tool would be right for grinding off resin pour blocks and thinning cockpit side walls? Thanks. Chuck
  15. otis252

    1:18 Hobbyboss AV-8B Harrier

    Spot on my man! Chuck