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  1. I can't believe we don't have a Rafale or Grippen in 32nd scale. Both are widely used and having success on the export market. I'd think both would be right in Revell's wheelhouse. Chuck
  2. Hey guys, has anybody used the Cold War Cockpit set for the Trumpy kit? It looks great, just wondered how it went together? Thanks. Chuck
  3. Thanks, got the Techmod decals. Has anyone used the Cold War Studios cockpit set? Thanks. Chuck
  4. Hello, I'm wanting to build the Trumpeter MIG-29 as a late Polish aircraft and I have several questions. First are there any air frame and cockpit mods that can be added? Are there any decals available for these aircraft? What about aftermarket, especially the Cold War Studios cockpit? I've got the Zacto burners, chaff despensors and radome, anything else? Thanks for any help. Chuck
  5. Those look great, but where can you find the kit? Chuck
  6. That's pylons are fantastic, any chance of having Harold do them in resin? Thanks. Chuck
  7. But I think that's part of the fuselage halves. Chuck
  8. I couldn't agree more about n EA-6B Prowler! It would only take 2 new fuselage halves, new inner wings and of course the cockpit and canopies. That's pretty much t. Chuck
  9. I know I'm showing my lack of knowledge on the subject, but what's the difference in this boxing and their P-51D/K? Thanks Chuck
  10. I agree, I'd love to see have Brimstones for my Tornado GR4. Chuck
  11. I wish we could get Brimstone missiles for the Eurofighter. Chuck
  12. How much is it and how do you order? Thanks. Chuck
  13. That's what I thought Jake, haven't gotten it. My email is cook3843@etcmail.com. I've also noticed as of this morning that this transaction is still pending on my CC online statement. So something is a little out of wack. Thanks. Chuck
  14. Place my order, looking forward to this one. Just wish we had a 32nd scale Prowler. Come on Trumpeter, just 2 new fuselage halves, 2 new inner wing halves, a cockpit and canopies. Jake, how long until I get an order confirmation? Thanks. Chuck
  15. Is there a source for their stuff in the USA? Thanks. Chuck
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