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  1. Picked up my kit at Free Time Hobbies yesterday and it looks fantastic. It'll be interesting to see what comes from the AM boys. Chuck
  2. My advice would be to forget you ever heard about that. Just like the 32nd F-4 family, the F-111 jets, it ain't going to happen. Let's move on, just my opinion. Chuck
  3. Just got a call from my LHS, Free Time Hobbies, and the Hellcat is in. I'll be picking it up in a couple hours. Chuck
  4. So, the ammo feed belts connect directly to those small ammo cans? Chuck
  5. Dave, you are correct. The kit does not include the covers for the wing support lugs. Hopefully this will be corrected by the AM guys. Another question concerning the weapons. Does Live Resin do a Minigun set for this Blackhawk and white ammo cans should be used for them. Thanks. Chuck
  6. Got my decals today. I'm very pleased! They are great, the mask seem very usable, great job. You've worked hard on these decals and they are very nice. Thank you very much. Chuck
  7. My kit does have the covers for the wing mounts, I'll have to check on on the covers for the wing support strut lugs. Thanks. Chuck
  8. Just picked mine up a Free Time Hobbies and they had quite a few in stock. I'll be interested to see tonight when I get home to see if it has the cover that goes over the mounting point for the wings if you don't want to build it with those attached. Chuck
  9. Excellent review! I'm picking mine up along with the MH-6M Little Bird from my LHS (Blue Ridge Hobbies) today. Can't wait to compare them to the reviews. Many thanks. Chuck
  10. In addition to the coming A-10 stuff, did I see somewhere that you might be doing cockpit sets for the Trumpeter Super Hornets? Thanks. Chuck
  11. I'll take a set. How do I pay you. Thanks. Chuck
  12. Thanks, but I don't understand the big difference in cost. I bought a couple of the AH-6J kits for less the $50.00, now the MH-6M kits are close to a $100.00 for basically the same plastic. Any ideas. Thanks. Chuck
  13. Thanks Dave, wonder what the hold up is with SB stocking them. Chuck
  14. Hey guys, anyone know if the KH MH-6M is available in the US now or when it will be? Thanks Chuck
  15. I just wish someone would do some accurate A-6E seats. As of now, there are none. Thanks. Chuck
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