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  1. I ordered this morning, order #11109. Can't wait to see it. Chuck
  2. Looks great! I have the RedFox set for my build, tell me more about what you thought of it. Thanks. Chuck
  3. Hey guys, is possible;e to still buy one of the kits? Chuckj
  4. Thanks Thierry, I'll be doing an aircraft with the conformal fuel tanks. So the Revell kit might be a good starting point, seeing that I have on in the stash. Chuck
  5. Hey guys, need some info on building a Israeli F-15D Improved Baz. What would be the best starting point, the Tamiya F-15E or the Revell F-15D/E kit? What changes need to be made to the cockpit and air frame to construct this Eagle. Also, does anyone have a source for decals for these aircraft? Any other info would be most appreciated. Thank you. Chuck
  6. I'm in for sure. Hopefully you'll include some USMC markings. I'd by in just for the great instructions! Chuck
  7. Great project. Do you plan to do anything with that weird "squished" leading edge of the wing where the kink is supposed to be at the fence? I've looked at my kit for a year trying to figure out how to fix it. Thanks. Chuck
  8. Great topic! I've wanted to do a -4 Corsair for a long time. My did served in VMFA-323 in Korea so I'm following this build closely. But I have a question. How do you plan to handle the cowl flaps? The Trumpeter kit has gaps between the flaps that obviously don't exist on the real aircraft. I'm looking forward to see how you fix this as I start my kit. Many thanks. Chuck
  9. Hey guys, is there any aftermarket Small Diameter Bombs and the rack they mount on available? Thanks. Chuck
  10. I seem to remember that at one time GT Resin was saying he was going to to do resin cockpits for the Trumpy Rhinos. But haven't heard anything more about that. Chuck
  11. Just wondering if that Hornet set will fit the Trumpeter kit? Chuck
  12. I'm still trying to figure out why Tamiya doesn't add about 12 parts to their F-16C and release a F-16D? Seems they'd need a bunch of trucks to carry off the money. Chuck
  13. Thanks Dave, I'll of course still get the sheet. Chuck
  14. Sure Dave, are any of those markings used on current Delta's in squadron service now? Does this help? Do you have any profiles you could post? Chuck
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