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  1. I've got that kit and some AM, but I'd love to have some decals for one of those SC ANG Gray birds! Chuck
  2. Hey guys, is there anyway to identify the unit of a Korean War F-51D Mustang by the "Buzz Number". Specifically RF-775, any way to get the Serial Number and unit? Thanks for any info. Chuck
  3. Are the books available from any US distributors yet? They look great! Chuck
  4. While that a great picture of a USMC Skyraider, it doesn't really show what color the interior (other then the consoles and IP) is. Anybody got any other input? Manythanks. Chuck
  5. Hey guys, I'd like to build a Trumpeter AD-4 as it served in my late father's squadron, VMA-121 in Korea. I've got a couple questions though. What color would be correct in the cockpit below the cockpit sills for anything other then the side consoles & IP? Also, what color would the wheel wells be, some kind of chomate or dark sea blue. Thanks for any guidance. Chuck
  6. How about them just doing the obvious, an F-16D. 1 new sprue and it's done and call in the Brinks trucks. Chuck
  7. The Typhoon gear is showing sold out on your webpage, is this just a temporary thing? Can we go ahead and order the set? Thanks. Chuck
  8. Hey Dave, sent an email, haven't heard back yet. Thanks. Chuck
  9. Great information! What about the Aires cockpit set? Chuck
  10. It's a great kit, but I'm waiting to see what the AM guys come up with. Especially a correct -5 cockpit and decals. Shouldn't be long. Chuck
  11. I bought it off Amazon, price was $129.00 and I opened a new Amazon credit card and got a $100.00 credit. Plus no shipping. Great deal. Chuck
  12. I received my kit today, well worth the $29.00 I paid for it, it looks great! Upon first look, the panel lines look fantastic, shape seems good and a nice level of detail. I really like the wheel wells that you put together in "layers" that give you so much detail then simple molded on details. That said, I'm afraid the instructions are kinda weak and disappointed with the incorrect IP. Overall, I'd say highly recommended. More to follow. Chuck
  13. Just ordered the Mirage from Amazon Prime. $129.00 minus $100 for opening an Amazon Prime credit card, plus free shipping. So it was $29.00! Not bad. Chuck
  14. Looking forward to this one. Wonder when it'll hit the USA? Chuck
  15. I can't believe we don't have a Rafale or Grippen in 32nd scale. Both are widely used and having success on the export market. I'd think both would be right in Revell's wheelhouse. Chuck
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