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  1. I'll defiantly be ordering the Guppy in the next day or two, you got any idea of shipping dates? No big deal, just wondering. Also, since we're on a Skyraider trek, any chance of a AD-4W/AEW MK1? That might be a good seller for us USMC guys and the British Spad fans. Many thanks for all you're doing. Chuck
  2. Leave off the radome and you can build a Navy EA-1F. Gosh, I'm going to need more Skyraiders. Chuck
  3. otis252

    Forum Upgrade

    There's nothing there that says account settings. Chuck
  4. otis252

    Forum Upgrade

    How in the heck can I get rid of that super annoying window that pops up on every page wanting to know if I want to allow notifications from this website? Thanks. Chuck
  5. I didn't think it was possible, but you've really outdone yourself. Absolutely incredible. Open the links, I'll be one of the first to order. Thanks. Chuck
  6. Hate to say it, but it'll never happen. Chuck
  7. Waiting on the Guppy, any pictures coming? Chuck
  8. Received my O-2 gear today. Very nicely done and great service. Also got a P-51 rudder with the fillet, again very nice. Thanks. Chuck,
  9. Hey guys, I really doubt there's much out there in the 1/18th aftermarket. But I may have a plan to at least build up an accurate AV-8B Plus Radar Harrier. I'd like to get hold of the 1/32 Eduard PE Zoom Set and blow the parts up to 1/18 scale. Do any of you math guys goes know how much I should enlarge the parts on a copier to use at a pattern. Many thanks. Chuck
  10. Picked up a BIG Harrier today from FreeTime Hobbies today at a really nice price. On first examination it's pretty nice. That said, an AM seat, a new IP, a couple GBU-38's and -12's and a LITENING Pod and pylon and you really should be good to go. Chuck
  11. otis252

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953

    Really great work Karl. I just received the conversion set from Harold, i thought it was really nicely done. Your work on the masters is excellent and of course Harold's casting is up to his normal well done standards. I'm going to use your build thread as a step by step tutorial on my build. I plan to do mine as a USMC Flat Black -5N with red markings. I would surely be intrested in buying a set of those markings...do it Blackbetty. Where did you get the drawings to rescribe the "all metal" wings? Many thanks. Chuck
  12. otis252

    Westland Wessex HC2 - Northern Ireland

    Great build, really well done. I sure wish someone would do a mesh screen for the air intake. Chuck
  13. Hey guys, is there a pylon for the Litening Pod for the center line for the Typhoon? Also what aftermarket pod is best for a FGR4 Typhoon. Thanks. Chuck
  14. otis252

    Navy / Marines AD-5 Skyraiders shipping now...

    Got mine today and as usual the quality is excellent. This will definitely be done in Marine Corps markings. Looking forward to the additional decals and of course the AD-5W. Many thanks for the excellent products and superb service. Now, about those Marine Corps Skyray decals..... Chuck
  15. otis252

    Navy / Marines AD-5 Skyraiders shipping now...

    Just got my Order Completed email, mine's on the way! Thanks. Chuck