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  1. Where is the source of Airscale, particular this cockpit set, be in the USA? Thanks. Chuck
  2. It's really baffling to me that Tamyia hasn't just added 6-8 parts to the F-16 kit and released the F-16D. It's like a license to print money. Chuck
  3. Got my kit today, it's very nice. Some of the best surface detail I've ever seen. I'd like to have seen a little better cockpit detail, especially the seats. But overall this kit is truly great. Now, never being satisfied, hope they'll be some nice aftermarket and decals. Chuck
  4. Well, my question is answered. Sprue Bros received the kit and posted it for sale yesterday and a jumped on it. It's already marked out of stock this morning. Glad I got one on the way. Chuck
  5. Anybody got any idea when it will hit the states? Chuck
  6. I can't wait to pick up a couple of these! Any idea when it might hit the US? Chuck
  7. They look great! When and how can I order. Thanks. Chuck
  8. Thanks for all the info guys. I have received the HaHen Decals for JaboG 32 and JaboG 33. They look excellent and the service was great. Chuck
  9. I'd sure settle for a F-16D, which can be done with 2 sprues and a P-51B. Just that simple. Chuck
  10. Oh yeah, I'm in for at least a couple of those. Flying Leatherneck Decals already has a sheet in the works. Chuck
  11. Hey guys, anybody know if any Tornado IDS/ECR in Luftwaffe service are available? Specifically the newer gray ones in service. Thanks. Chuck
  12. Amazing work, looking forward to using this on my build. Question though. What did you use for the seat belts? They look great. Thanks. Chuck
  13. Great job! I've been saying for months that the exhaust is way undersized. I don't know why one of the AM companies have not fixed this. Chuck
  14. Yes Dave, some pictures side by side would be very helpful. Thanks. Chuck
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