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  1. keep working on it Steve!! i don't want to miss your updates!!! it's been a nice ride!!
  2. I'm not quite sure if you're close to the finish line! but I'm pretty sure it's awesome! can't wait to see the helo getting some paint!
  3. Awesome paint job and weathering Steve!!
  4. really awesome Oliver! so frustrating not to be able to say something more acurate to your work!
  5. It's gonna be a busy nice diorama! si ti gonna have some figures on top of the Helo?
  6. As usual awesome work!! I haven't seen or I missed the engine itself! I imagine is gonna be detailed too, isn't it? just like the Huey's!! keep the pics coming Oliver!
  7. Great update Steve!! awesome as usual!
  8. I've almost forgotten about the main character on this build! nothing else to say but keep those pics coming!
  9. And those are just models around the main subject!! awesome Oliver!
  10. That kind of fading you get on your paint jobs is stunning! well everything is..... great job
  11. Mad skills! I love when you reach this point!
  12. Why I can't do something like that!?.......maybe in a couple of lifetimes.... ! great job Wolf
  13. Another big cat! yay!!! great to see these planes worked on! Steve's making one hell of a job with his cats! and you seem to be going on the right direction!
  14. You make it look so easy! well maybe not that easy....but damn! I still can't figure out how you do all your stuff! you're on a league of your own! will keep following since I have not much to say other than wow everytime you update! Bravo!
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