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  1. I appreciate your comments guys!!! now I'll give the Venom a try!
  2. Thnx for you comment! I really like how this is comming along and hope you guys do too!
  3. This is why I was able to build the tail boom separetly, it's not glued yet and I only neede to trim just a bit of the lip, but there's still lots of room for glue to make it a stron joint! or at least that's what I hope so! BTW what ever happened to your Tiger Cat? still working on it?
  4. Thnx for the props guys! the kit is a very good one and very nice to work with Decals are supplied in the kit but the detail is very nice and crisp so I preferred painting controls, I only used decals for the screens to give it a bit of life in there And I added a bit more weight in front to avoid having a tail seater, even though weight is supplied in the kit, you can never be too careful, and since I'm not opening panels I stuck more weight in there And added a bit of detail to the tourret ball And started giving it some color after fighting the cowlings to make them fit decently since they are sensed to be open! but after a bit of effort, it was ok in my book I hope you guys like it!
  5. This was possible cause the tail boom is separated from the body in a very logic place and no putty is needed to cure the joint! otherwise is not possible for me to do it separatly! this is a very rare case for me! so, me too I'm amazed by those who can do that on a regular basis
  6. I ended up going all the way with the tail boom, then I moved to the PE which BTW fit really nice and was easy to put in place!
  7. I'm currently working a helo for the first time, and so far I'm liking it! the model is really nice! I chose a nice colorfull scheme since the two tones gray has been widely built and very well built, and I like my models to have as much as color as possible! Since the scheme is kinda hard, at least for my skills, I started on the tail boom as a test and then moved forward I screwed up a but the stripes, but corrected it on time! I hope you like it
  8. keep working on it Steve!! i don't want to miss your updates!!! it's been a nice ride!!
  9. I'm not quite sure if you're close to the finish line! but I'm pretty sure it's awesome! can't wait to see the helo getting some paint!
  10. Awesome paint job and weathering Steve!!
  11. really awesome Oliver! so frustrating not to be able to say something more acurate to your work!
  12. It's gonna be a busy nice diorama! si ti gonna have some figures on top of the Helo?
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