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  1. Is that cockpit set still in production, if so where can it be purchased? Thanks. Chuck
  2. Not trying to hijack this thread, but have you considered doing the full rivet treatment for the Kitty Hawk UH-60 family of kits? There's a whole lot of version out now plus the variants that are for future issue. This would seem like a great seller. Thanks for your consideration. Chuck
  3. It's actually good that the adapters are separate or need to be scratch built. These launchers are also used on the Typhoon, which I don't believe use the wedge adapters. Chuck
  4. Yes, there's a downward angled adapter that mounts the rack to the pylon. Hopefully those will be included. I'm in for many sets for the Tornados and Typhoons. Chuck
  5. Great list, but it does point out one thing to me that is really missed in this kit. SEATS! The kit seats are a big disappointment and they beg for aftermarket replacements. How about some reasonably accurate resin seats with belts. It seems like this would be right in the wheel house for Mr. Roof's Flying Leatherneck resin company. Hopefully they are in the works. Thanks. Chuck
  6. Excellent work, I'd love to find one of those kits. Question, did those Aires seats come with belts? Thanks Chuck
  7. What a great looking kit, I'm impressed. Can it be purchased yet, if so where? Thanks. Chuck
  8. These look really great. Is there a USA source? Chuck
  9. I say again....Brimstone with Triple Launcher Rack! Chuck
  10. Looking forward to these kits! But it begs the question for those of us that purchased Floyd Werner's great AH-1F/S conversion, will it work on this kit instead of the old Revell AH-1? Chuck
  11. Hey guys, I read once that there's not a source for ANYZ products in the US and they will not ship to here. Is this true? Thanks. Chuck
  12. I saw on a post somewhere that there's a source for this at a new online hobby shop in Tennessee, anybody now it's name? Chuck
  13. Hey guys, Aires makes 3 cockpit sets for the Tornado. An IDS, a GR-1 Early and Late set. Anybody know the difference? Course there's always the question of how to shoehorn one into the new Italeri GR-4 kit. Thanks. Chuck
  14. Hey guys, I'd like to try it, but what are you'll doing with that spine "issue"? It's terrible. Chuck
  15. Hopefully we can now get a triple launcher with Brimstone missiles. Also there's the CAM seats, they're still in stock at SB. Chuck
  16. Hey Dave, would those 32nd scale Chaff/Flair buckets work on the Trumpeter A/V-8B Plus upper fuselage. Those launchers have always looked kinda weak to me. Thanks. Chuck
  17. So can the book be ordered from the link in the original post? Thanks. Chuck
  18. I've thought that the Trumpeter nose was too "flat" between the front base of the windscreen and the tip. I too would love to see the same comparison of the two kits. Thanks. Chuck
  19. Since we're getting some bombs, how about a Targeting Pod and pylon? Chuck
  20. Thanks for the comments, I'll bring you up to date. Another email, no response and a dozen phone calls to the "customer service" line and of course no answer. I've ordered from SB dozens and dozens of times with no real issues, so I don't really understand this. If you are going to have a customer service email and phone line, the least you can do is answer. Stay tuned. Chuck
  21. YES! LGB-12's and -38's would be great! Chuck
  22. Hey guys, I placed an order with Sprue Brothers on 12/02/2020 for a KH SH-60F and all the USPS tracking says is USPS Tracking Label created, nothing else. I've emailed SB 4 times, no reply. Ive called them on their phone number and got no answer. Anybody having problems with them or any ideas on how to contact them. I've always had great service form them. Thanks for any help. Chuck
  23. Thank you, just what I was looking for. Chuck
  24. I've received my flap, slat and tails sets and upon first look I thought these are no difference in the kit parts, just already assembled. I couldn't have been more wrong. Upon closer examination versus the kit parts they are a huge improvement. Not only are they ready to use on the model but the RAM material is more subdued and the parts are more detailed. In short, well worth the money. But I have a question concerning the new new afterburner set. Where should the cut line on the parts that make up the engine be to install the burner can? Thanks. Chuck
  25. Hey guys, I recently purchased a set of the BarracudaCast A-1 Skyraider and F8F-2 Bearcat props. Although they both are cast perfectly, they look identical. At least I cant tell the difference. Did these aircraft have the same props? Thanks for any info. Chuck
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