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SWS Horten Ho 229


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  • 2 weeks later...

well, both engines done

I have added some wires to that sides which will be visible through the cockpit, finished with some subtle panel line wash










cleaning of all seem lines is slowing the progress, anyhow frame is great pice of engeneering

pure fun to build it  :)






thanks for looking


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Ho229 being prepped at NASM Silver Hill facility for transportation to Udvar Hazys Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hanger.



At the MBE Restoration Hanger you can see the extensive work to be done.  Wing Trailing Edge showing the laminated birch separating.  A process is being developed to restore.



A closer look.  You can see how the layered birch needs some TLC.

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Hi Jan,

these engines look gorgeous! I like the subtle and not exaggerated weathering. Just one note: the engines were all bare metal except for the black center part around the combustion chambers.




Thanks Roger for the info. However at the begining I have decided to play Zoukei Mura game.  :) 

And thats why I`m using instructions and their Concept Note as only reference for this build. And they call to paint partially engines with mixture of RLM 02 and silver (50/50)


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what a great start to this really interesting piece in aviation history. I have been quite tempted to buy one of these kits, but I just don't have the room or the time to build it in such a way as to do it the justice it deserves. I've seen a few builds of this online and your on your way to adding to the list of fantastic examples.

I will be watching with interest

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small update

I have finished the central interior, with both engines and guns attached

it`s great piece of engineering, pure joy to build it  :)

only subtle weathering, just little will be visible in the end














now let`s play with the wings...




thanks for looking


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Hi Jan,

What are those round objects just aft of the cockpit seat? Just curious if anyone knows what this things are? I'm also amazed at the picture of you behind the actual bird. I never realized the actual size of the 229 wasn't all that big. Awesome build going on here. Thanks for sharing.



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