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SWS Horten Ho 229


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Hi guys,

Was looking for some simple build alongside with my HPH Fw 189 build to keep my motivation high  :rolleyes:

Ho 229 is one interesting plane and IMHO ZM guys put significant effort to give us this superb kit.


I will add some AM as well:

HGW seatbelts

PE Interior and airbrake set

Resin wheels

Metal machine guns

Metal struts


this will be more concstruction related build with quite simple painting and just some subtle weathering at the end.


some work done on engines








this was quite challenge to clean all seam lines from 2 main frame parts





Thanks for looking


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thanks all you guys for positive comments!

It`s great kit. So far no fit issue with oranything else. I likethat ZM approach and honestly I like all their kits. As usual I will focus only on areas and details which could be visible in ready to start configuration. So no open panels and no clear display of internal structure.

I forgot to mention that I`m using their Concept notes as well. IMHO it`s good tutoral with lot of interesting photos. together with kit instructions it makes the build real fun.




both engines almost done. Still need to add some wires to the sides of front part which will be visible a little through the open cockpit. And some panel line wash at the end








thanks for looking


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I've been wondering why we can't find the exactly model of the swastika in 1/32 we can see on the original jet plane?


The Concet Note says that swastika  was added after capture and transfer to the US. So its up to you if you will choose any swastika for this plane and where you will put it.  :)  I didn;t decide yet myself, but most probably I will not put any to this particular plane

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