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  1. Wonderful work going on here. Exceptional build!
  2. Great work on this old bird! Regards, Tom
  3. Fenous, can't wait to see more of this! I have a question about applying those rivets-- is it best to complete the whole airframe, then apply them? Or can you apply as separate units are completed (finish fuse. & apply rivets; finish wings & apply rivets; etc.)? I plan to get some of these for a build I am working on (when I get back to it...) Thanks, Tom
  4. Beautiful work! love those rivets!
  5. Excellent work, and a lovely paint job! But I have a question about that seat-- did version c of the A6M5 have a seat like that, or did Hasegawa take some liberties?
  6. What a nice rendition of Toyoshima's Zeke you have here Whitey! That's a nice clean model.
  7. Excellent stuff going on here. Love to watch a master at work!
  8. Very nice looking Corsair Miloslav! I like this scheme, it's a bit different than the usual!
  9. Thank you guys! I just realized I forgot to install the 20mm gun barrels when I took these pics.
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