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One more WnW finished - Junkers J 1

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Hello ,


I have started this very enjoyable build in November 2016 and because of it's relatively simple construction finished it in only 1,5 months.

Buil was straitforward , the parts fit excellent and the only aftermarket parts used where textile belts from HGW and a Parabellum 14 MG with mixed parts from Eduard Brassin and Master barrel.


I can recommend this kit very much for WW1 beginners because it has very few rigging lines ( only the stirring lines for the rudders ).


Without too many word , here are the pictures , hope you enjoy.















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YOWZER !!  I think your Junkers J1 us the only one I have seen that is SO Effulgent in those colors.   




I love the Gun and the open Engine ... it's an IMPECCABLE  PRISTINE build if ever there was one!


:clap2:  :bow:  :bow:  :wow:  :yahoo:  :thumbsup:  :wub:

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Wish I had the nerve to attempt one of these WWI kits as I love the way they look but I'd get stressed out with the rigging. This one will win any prize of the top shelf.  

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