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  1. Thanks to Erwin a forum member who helped me with couple missing clear parts in the kit. I am able to complete the build for my collection. Hope you like the pics
  2. I finished my 1st Me262 in 1/48 Hope you like the pics
  3. Excellent finished. I love it. Russian Jets are sexy.
  4. The gun is a prebuilt model from Dragon. I built and painted the crew.
  5. Lovely build. I would love to see a pilot in cockpit.
  6. Thanks again friends. My newest addition the Fokker E.II from Eduard in 1/48
  7. I've just started my Apollo collection just in time for 50 Years Anniversary of the Apollo. All kits are from Revell 1/32 Command Service Module 1/8 Astronaut 1/48 Lunar Landing Excursion Module 1/144 Apollo Saturn 5 (with 1/6 pilots )
  8. wow the tanker looks huge. Can he fit inside it ?
  9. Thank you friends. And my newest build also from Eduard 1/48 Britist FB2 Fighter Bomber
  10. Thanks friends. And some of ww2 planes also in 1/48
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