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  1. I've just started my Apollo collection just in time for 50 Years Anniversary of the Apollo. All kits are from Revell 1/32 Command Service Module 1/8 Astronaut 1/48 Lunar Landing Excursion Module 1/144 Apollo Saturn 5 (with 1/6 pilots )
  2. wow the tanker looks huge. Can he fit inside it ?
  3. cnq

    My 1/48 planes

    Thank you friends. And my newest build also from Eduard 1/48 Britist FB2 Fighter Bomber
  4. cnq

    My 1/48 planes

    Thanks friends. And some of ww2 planes also in 1/48
  5. cnq

    My 1/48 planes

    And a group shot
  6. cnq

    My 1/48 planes

    Thank you guys. All kits are from Eduard. They make beautiful WW1 bi-plane kits. I use Tamiya paint for all of them. I'm currently working on the British F2B WW1 fighter plane.
  7. cnq

    My 1/48 planes

    I have recently added these models to my collection. Hope you guys enjoy the pics
  8. cnq

    1/48 Eduard DH-2

    Thanks Kev ,Gazzas. I'm falling in love with these simple yet very attractive bi-planes. I can't wait to add more to my scale museum
  9. Beautiful work. I love it.
  10. Another excellent kit from Eduard. Hope you like the pics
  11. Thank you friends. I love these little bi-planes and intend to add more to my collection.
  12. Fantastic build. I L-O-V-E it. I've built 1/72 scale Flankers and Mig but have never worked on 1/32 one. It must be HUGE.
  13. Hi guys, I've just recently finished this excellent kit from Eduard, the German SSW D.III
  14. Hasegawa J7w Shinden in "What if Night fighter" camo 1/48
  15. Beautiful build. I love it. Below is my Hase George
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