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  1. Hello yes I design this it looks almost exactly like mine. Never seen this Kronos third hand. I was too busy with my Job to get this in to production and what is not the biggest problem, it is more the sales and customer contact sending spares. I do still use them my design is more modulair and capabel of keeping large models and minimum frame work in the way. Oh and my advice dont buy chinese magnet holder then it will not last long. I now use the Noga brand best in the business well that one keeps up a Trumpeter 1/32 Tomcat full of Zacto resin parts very reliable. this year my job will get more relaxed and I get more time for projects like these so then I am able to make a few sets. sets that can handle 4 engine bombers to just single engine ww1 fighter. Have fun Johan
  2. Good independent review.
  3. they made a price on the fact that it was the only one now it is just overpriced. 360 Euro haha
  4. As promised here two photos next to it you can see a HpH fw 189 the tail booms are ready to go on and on my desk is the 1/16 trump King Tiger. so pretty busy I spray patches of dark brown and ligth coat of black to get the weatherd look I will make beter detailed photo's of the progress everything is ready lading gear so I need to finish it hehe.
  5. No Matt funny I was just enjoy the builds inprogress and I thought that is strange i get on my own build haha.I have worked on it and really need to show the progress i like the kit very much. I also now building on my king tiger trump kit found more time and energie post some pictures tomorrow it is late in the evening here.
  6. Hi Kevin Yes I did make some progress but because of my work and the many overwork hours I try to work on it and did not update the work in progress section. I will soon finish the black paint job I love the model it has his short coming but it looks great. I did post on youtube some paint work on the revell Bf109 C-10 Erla Hartman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwA-lRZHo4I Johan
  7. Hi rafju Glued them because I really needed a good fit around the base of the wing and the back plate I did use some big woodcraft F-clamp to get a good fit. Greetings Johan
  8. Hi Wardog The technique I use is one of building up layer's of shades or even totally different colors to get the spot and streaks of dirt specially when a airplane is older it leaves it marks on the paint work. Now I use the smallest needle and it takes a lot of time the paint is thin so I do not build up a real layer I like rivets so they need to be seen hehe. I have made some YouTube video's on how I airbrush more will follow. Have Fun Johan Bos
  9. Hi David I follow the instructions and the parts that needed to put in place for keeping the model in one peace easy used a lot of two component glue and big clamps normally used with woodwork. The problem I found is rescribe the little panel lines between the engines it is difficult to work there. When I need to sand down much material I always keep the panel lines deeper. Johan.
  10. Thank you it is sometime a go that I was active on any Forum making 60/72 hours on the job is a bit busy I made a few little videos about my airbrush technique planning more as my work is getting more relax. Oh I have a 1/24 Hawker Typhoon 3x 1/32 Tamiya Mustang's and the Hobbyboss P-61B all ready for paint work so going to show this with a video just for any one to enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/user/PfufOOStuff?feature=watch Johan Bos
  11. Hi Kevin yes I just took them just a minute ago. Bit more light hehe Have Fun johan Bos
  12. The Zactoman Intakes make it a Tomcat the shapes are spot on and I found less difficult then the Flanker intakes. johan bos
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