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  1. Decals in set are: G ----- Gibson J ---- Maltby L -----Shannon P -----Martin T ----- McCarthy T- Tommy had a gun position in the ventral position.
  2. Ordered my set yesterday. Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Dave Maltby's AJ-J for me.
  3. Couple of weeks ago I sent Special Hobby a message on their facebook page regarding replacement parts for one of their kits. I was sorting some kits and boxes out when I came across the Tempest Mk.V kit which I had started some time ago but then got put to one side for some reason or other. Checking the contents out I found that the bottom half of the wing was broken. I asked Special Hobby if I could buy the wing and undercarriage bay parts. After 2 weeks of hearing nothing from them, I was about to give up. Today I received a package from them with the parts requested in it and no mention of cost. Can't thank them enough.
  4. Only 1 World Cup I'll be watching and that's next year in Japan. Can't watch 22 multi millionaires chasing a bag of wind and acting like they've been shot with a 12 bore shotgun.
  5. You'll probably know the pub that I'm on about, Frampton Arms. Good pint and good food
  6. This may be of interest to anybody in the Chesterfield, Derbyshire area. WD Models are now starting to stock the Mr Hobby/Mr Colour range of items.
  7. Wrong, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
  8. I'd seen those but for some strange reason I thought they were only for the pilot. Never mind some day I might grow a second brain cell.
  9. Does anybody produce a complete set of seat harness's for the ZM He219?
  10. That looks like it's been colourised
  11. That's is one nice looking F-4. Where's the runway base from? Just recieved the ZM 1/48 scale decals for the 74sq F-4J (UK) ready for when they re-release their 'J' version later this year.
  12. No, will let me know as soon as they find out themselves.
  13. Tried that and lost big style. Found out that it's hard to hide a finished Tamiya 1/32 F-15C.
  14. May be looking for new living accomodation when the wife finds out what I've done today. Went to my LHS to collect the Airfix 1/72 H.P. Victor B.Mk.2 that I had on order and got talking to the owner about kits. He then dropped out that he had a 1/32 HK Lancaster on pre-order for a customer. Now I've gone and added my name to the pre-order list. I can see swmbo not being best pleased. What do you think, flowers and chocolates or should I start packing now?
  15. Turn up the volume for this one. How we miss the real thing. Main item starts at 1:17 https://youtu.be/W4a041TA1Eg
  16. I've got a re-release. ‘J' on order from a UK stockist as well as the ZM 74sq decals.
  17. Should have said in my original posting that I mean fit and ease of build. I do like ZM kits, but for me I think they are over engineered as I'm not all that bothered about everything being on show. That of course is my view. Saying that, if the ZM kit was the better of the 2 then I would go with that one.
  18. Appologies if this has been asked before so here goes. As ZM amd HKM both produce the Do335A, which is rated as the better kit?
  19. I'd possibly get 2 of these. Can't beat getting your hands on a pair of big jugs
  20. If I managed to get one of the kits it would probably be PA177 HW-J Jug and Bottle of 100q RAF Grimsby. While visiting relations in Grimsby, we went for a meal in a pub called Jug and Bottle. This had the walls covered in photos from most of the local bomber bases. Also Found out that the pub was called Jug and Bottle as it was built on the actual pan that PA177 used.
  21. I've looked on the traders section for a couple of items that's been offered for sale and noticed that some replies have just pm sent. Can I ask that people state what item they are sending a pm about. I've found that I've wasted time asking about something, only to find out that somebody else has bought it. This obviously only applies when there are numerous items for sale in the original posting.
  22. At the moment I'm nearing the end of Damien Lewis's The hunt for the Nazi bomb. Its the true tale about 9 SOE trained Norwegians who are tasked with blowing the storage tanks at the Vermok hydro plant. This was producing the heavy water that the Nazi's needed to make an atomic bomb. Sounds familiar? It's what the film The heroes of Telemark was about.
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