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  1. Phoenix 2018.... hmmmm...... might have to make it down there for that. Joe
  2. You have made a couple of absolute gems ! Fantastic work !! Joe
  3. Nice work Jim ! I've been looking forward to seeing you do this one since you mentioned it a while back. I like your approach to the fuselage. Joe
  4. Bravo Jim ! Mighty fine job on your build ! A real beauty !! Now that's Model Building Joe
  5. Ahh, the age old complaint of 1/35 ! I have to agree with others in that...while Tamiya 1/35 scale kits are quite nice, ...1/32 was already around and established ..why in the heck did he upset the apple cart ! To original post : you can sometimes find a few decent figures by searching for 54mm....though most of those listings are toy soldiers. I would like to get more 1/32 resin figures into the market, but it is difficult finding a digital sculptor for the process of making 3d printed masters and then molding those to cast in resin ( to keep the price of production and retail reasonable ) Joe
  6. I'll be watching this closely...I have the kit and some aftermarket stuff....I intend one day to build the bird I flew as a gunner on ( HH-60 of the 305th RQS ) ....I need to search out a decal sheet yet... Good luck with your build - I'm really looking forward to following along ! Joe
  7. Look where the wire goes outside on the edge...not lined up straight. This was really bad on the Macchi kit.
  8. Dirk, Nice work on the Yak ! Looking forward to seeing this project when finished !! Joe
  9. Great looking armor builds Gaz ! Joe
  10. ....not mentioned, but shown, is that some of the reinforcement wires in the struts are sticking out due to misplacement during casting ... This was the same situation with some of the struts in a Macchi M5 kit that was given to me. It renders the struts un-useable, and the modeler must make new ones. I understand that once notified, HpH will send replacements, but QC should catch that before they are shipped. For the kind of money spent, the modeler should not have to deal with these flaws and issues IMHO. Joe
  11. Very well done, beauty of a model...weathering and finish look perfect ! Joe
  12. From a "put in my display case" perspective, I have to agree with Kevin.....Anyone at least familiar with a Mig 15 recognizes the Trumpy kit as such...even if it is way out of whack.... And for the chap that chucked one in the garbage....for shame ! At least donate it to a young modeler who may not have the funds for such a kit and let him or her enjoy it. Joe
  13. Really outstanding model and finish ! Joe
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