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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex

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'at what point would you decide to scratch the rudder or horizontal tail surfaces instead of modifying kit parts? '

I didn't see a point in this build where I would scratch either.  For me, modifying an existing part is easier.


Modifying a part that is similar and already fits a condition is less time consuming and easier to do than making a part to fit.  Sometimes it takes two or three times to make a part that is visually and technically acceptable.  Visually is that it has to have the shape of the part.  Technically is that it has to be made to look like the part.


I could cut new horizontal stabilizers from .040 sheet that in plan look just like what I've made.  But an oblique angle of viewing would show square edges.  To make it be similar to, or match the part, a lot of sanding would be involved.  That's the technical part.


Then there is the fit problem to solve.  So the first problem to solve is one of aesthetics.  The part you make has to look like the part you want to replicate.  Then it has to fit into the condition for which it is made.


You can make the most beautiful award-winning part in the world that is the best thing you have ever done and you want to show it to everybody because you are so proud of it.  But if it doesn't fit, you have to make it over.


The parts you mention already fit a condition and, to me, only need modification to render them similar.







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Very nice work I love the thought that you have put into this project looking forward to more posts.



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Thank you, Bill, Guy, Maru.


Have been scribeing away.  Not quite finished, but enough to show.


Outboard starboard.  Panel lines based on Tamiya 1/48 Rex.  Faint rectangle is float support location.  No riveting here.



Center starboard.



Center port.



Outboard port.  Riveted.  I need to go over it again.  Inboard hole is shell ejection.  Outboard hole is float support location.



Located some ribbing inside of flap.  Starboard.



Same.  Port.



Checking for blemishes.



Horizontal stabilizers.  Bottom.





I'm going to Minnesota for a Wedding today and through the weekend.  I may not have an opportunity to get on Board, so I'd like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

Thank you for looking and liking!



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Guest Peterpools

Brother Bear

Impeccable work, simply Impeccable. If I only had a thenth of your talent, I would be one happy camper.

Keep 'em coning


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Thank you, Bjorn.  We had a great fun and frolic weekend.  The weather was clear in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tho a bit cool for me, 20F.  There was the Rehearsal Dinner Friday night, Wedding and Reception Saturday night, and Brunch on Sunday.  A great way to bring in the New Year with existing family members from around the states and with the new family members.  A good time was had by all.


Brother Bear!  Thanks a heap! but you give me too much credit.  It's a millimeter off here or there.  But don't tell anyone.


Thank you, Brian.  Panel lines and such are helping it to shape up.


Thank you, Troy.  The conversion I'm using is the Horizon Vac, which I intend to mold and cast in resin.  The main float will require work as it it not deep enough.  Nor are the edges sharp.  The wing floats have a good shape but the edges also require sharpening.  I'm casting your canopy, so I haven't forgotten.


Thank you, Peter.


Thank you, Kevin.


Just so you don't think I've been lollygagging around.


Finding new longitudinal lines.  Or are they latitude?  I get confused.  Overall.



Closeup.  Had to erase the incorrect lines.  The Vertical Stabilizer: Bad lines have an X thru them.  Good lines have the V or Arrowhead.


Just these two.  Still more to do.

Thank you for looking and liking.



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Thank you, Shawn.  Hope all is well in St. Louis.  The Weather Channel has been giving stormy reports for your area.


RICK K!  Thanks for popping by and saying hello.  IOU a phone call.


Have been filling in the fillet.


Panel lines complete.  Used mechanical pencil lead for emphasis.  Made new breather openings toward front.  Backed them up with some .040 thick strip as structure.



Close-up I.



Close-up II.



Close-up III.  Horizontal stabilizer lead-in has a structure.  Forget the 120 degrees.  I don't know what that is about.  Maybe an angle in/of the oval, or something.



Really close-up.  Sanded the downside of the fillet raised panel to make an angle.  First I used paint pigment as a filler.  Wrong!  Then Apoxy-Sculpt.  Mine is too old.  So now I'm trying Tamiya Grey Putty.  Strips of tape as alignment guides.


Thanks for looking and liking.



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