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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you, Brothers.


I've been finishing up the cockpit.  Used my iPhone Camera this time.  Lots of tiny work, but not many images.


Made a couple of Oxygen bottles.



Port cockpit side wall.  Structure is .010 x .020 strip.  Silver dots are .03 solder balls flattened with the handle back of a tweezer.  38 parts to make the throttle.



Starboard cockpit side wall.  Tape will be replaced with .005 strips.



Detail of box.  Cast Bf109 I.P. dial, with buttons and panel from the SUFA.


Thank you for looking and liking.



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Thank you, everyone.  I appreciate you looking in and your wonderfully inspiring comments.  Your positive feedback makes a difference.  Thank you.


I've done some painting of the cockpit area.  It's not complete, but I have enough to show.


I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of reflector lamps and 100 watt daylight bulbs to help with my photo lighting condition.  Now all I need do is not to be so lazy with my camera set up.  Done with my iPhone.



Earlier I stated that the throttle was 38 parts.  I lied.  It's 40 parts.  Red is Cadmium Red.  Yellow is Cadmium Yellow.  Brown is Burnt Sienna, I think.



Close-up.  I decided to not shadow, just to scrape away the top layer of paint and reveal the aluminum underneath.  The green is so dark and the cockpit opening so small that I though shadowing would make it too dark.  Anyway, I see an applique is crooked.  I'll take another look at that.  I swapped out the tape wire fasteners for .005 strip.  I painted the curve for effect.  I didn't paint the flat section, which is the attachment point, because I wanted to enhance the semi-circle.



Other side.  Not as colorful.






Cadmium Red, Burnt Sienna.  The Control Stick is from the kit.  When put together the cockpit will be dark, so I wanted to use something that would create visual interest.



Another view.  I scraped the floor board with 0000 steel wool.



Just another view.



Last of the walk-around.



I.P with guns.  This turned out remarkably well.  The guns are cut down extra .50's from the Tamiya Mustang.  Charging handles were scratched.  Over to the left on the I.P. are cast bits from a Hasegawa Bf109.  Graphics are from Peters' (Airscale) 1/32 Japanese Cockpit Decals punched out to fit the I.P. openings.  The part had embossed dials which I chiseled off as best I could.  Then I dropped in some liquid glue, pressed it flat, or there abouts, with a punch to fit, dropped in some gloss, punched and set in the decals,  then glossed again.  I soaked the decals in Micro Set, forgoing water.



Radio Box.  Added color for interest.



Top detail.



Rudder Pedals.  Spring is 3mm.  Corrugations are .010 rod.



Hasegawa George Painting Instructions state to paint these next two images as black.  I saw in one of my books Oxygen bottles and decided to paint them as such for visual interest.



They remind me of insects with antennae.  Green dots.



What is this, again?


Too many images.  More below.

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Front Bulkhead.



Seating arrangement.  I used .010 solder as the bungee chord.  Not so straight.  Oh, well.



Another view.  Skulpey seat cushion.  Scraped seat with 0000 steel wool.



All together now.  There is a problem here I didn't forsee.  Initially the front bulkhead was against the left box, the one with the red handles.  When I attached the I.P, the I.P interfered with the red handles, so I had to move the bulkhead forward to clear.  Then I put in the machine guns which interfered with the red handles.  So I needed to move the bulkhead forward again to clear.  As I have not put this assembly into the fuselage I have no idea where everything will now set.  But I am positive the I.P. will set too far under the coaming.  Anyway, I'll see what I can do.



Another view.



3 of 4.



Last but not least.


Thank you for looking and liking.



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