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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex


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Thank you, Peter.

'Keep up the good work!'

I'm trying.


Thank you, Brother Bear.


I decided to take a break from the stress of painting the Mustang and '109 and decompress with the Rex.  I used books and the 1/32 Hasegawa George as a reference.


My daughter is going to Italy tomorrow for a 10 day class so I mailed her my Coolpix because she didn't want to use her phone.  With that, I broke out my new fangled DSLR to see what I could see.  As all of my lenses are manual and made for my retired Nikon F3HPT, and the diopter on the DSLR doesn't match perfectly to my vision, and my desk lighting is for modeling and not for photography, I'm still trying to find the sweet spot.  Anyway, enough excuses, here goes.


Not perfectly perfect, build-wise and photography-wise, but I'm going with it.



When I was hacking away trying to build an AH-1F/S I cast a bunch of cockpit bits from a Bf109 and a SUFA.  I made new castings and plunked them in here.



Other side.  I see two handles broke.  I'll fix that later.



Radio box, I suppose.



I ended up not using this because I ran out of room.  Oh well.



Rudder pedals.  .010 rod as heel and toe 'grips'.  Turn handle has 5 prongs.  Spring is 3mm.



I don't know what this is but it goes next to the Radio Box.



Front bulkhead.  IP is attached to the large tube.



Seat, framing, and bulkhead.  Silver fasteners are squashed solder balls.  This was a real exercise of precision.



Other side.



All together now, with tac.  I SPY, a missing handle!



Another view.



And another.



With ruler for scale.


This will be it on the model building front for awhile.  Messing around with the Mustang, the '109, and this, my Honey-Do list has taken a beating.

Thank you for looking and liking.



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Guest Peterpools

Brother Bear

Let me throw mine into the ring as well WOW!

Absolutely incredible detail work - perfect in every respect. I am constantly 'blown away' with each update - just brilliant work.

And  Nikon man  - none better. I've been a Nikon shooter since 1965 and in the film days my F3 and F4s were unequaled. These days I shoot with a D810 and even though most of my lenses are AF, I work almost excursively in manual, all the way around. Images look perfect.

Keep ;em coming


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Thank you, Brothers.  I really appreciate you looking in, your rewarding words, that you took the time to comment, and your likes.


Thank you, again.



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I agree with everyone's comments. This is a sensational build Mark. An ancient kit that is transforming into an amazing build in front of all of us. Wow. The rear fuselage came out awesome, the cockpit looks amazing. Looking towards the paint getting applied on this one. Oh and I almost forgot, it will have big bits attached to the lower surfaces. (Floats)!


Well done!



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