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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex


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There are other Rex's in the book.  There is a counter rotating prop one............................  If you'd like I can post pictures of those.



Is that the orange prototype, with the two, two bladed props?   Id LOVE to see any pics you had of that. 

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Guest Peterpools

Brother Bear

Simply stellar work on the scribing and corrections to the kit; perfect execution!

Easy to see you have done all your homework and have a well stocked arsenal of reference materials

Keep 'em coning


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Brian, your wish is my commando.



Orange, tho no double prop.



Both Oranges in da flesh.  No white on Roundel.



Line-work of both Oranges.  Note scoop at cowling top.  Angled antenna, and other differences.



Bottom Orange from above.



George double cowling scoop.  George spinner.  Ragged camo demarcation line.  White on Roundel.



Captured!  Ragged camo demarcation line.  No antenna.



Ragged 'V' camo demarcation line on main float.  Forward trolley guide-line.  Rear line also, for as far forward as trolley can be located.



No White on Roundel.  Straight antenna.



Last of the Many.  Different exhaust pipes, spinner. cowling gun opening location.


Thank you, Brother Bear.  Lots of measuring, calculating, drawing, scribeing!, and cleaning!  The line-work isn't perfectly perfect, some hiccups here and there, but there comes a point of no returns.  The panel line locations are close enough that I can live with them.  There is still plenty to think about and do.


Thank you for looking and liking.



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Thank you, MARU.  You are a CHAMP!


'but seeing it in orange would be great.'

That would be a fun result to have.  I'll think about it, as there is the addition of the cowl scoop with everything else required.


Thank you, Rick.  Ugh!  It's a beast!


Thank you, Guy.


Last photos for awhile until I finish the right side fuselage.


Sanded an outboard float support to an airfoil shape and molded and cast a couple.  I figured it was easier to cast a match than to sand a match.  Still needs some clean-up.  Inserted a brass rod for structural support.  Over time plain resin would sag with the weight of the float at the end.



Scribed the fillet location, removed the applied fillet, sanded smooth, or tried to, and added fastener locations.  Right or wrong, this is done for now.  It's time to move to the other fuselage half.



Close-up I.  Hopefully a wash will help that scribed line look better.  'Cause it looks raggety here.  We'll see.



Close-up II.  Hmm, I see it's blown out of alignment.  Something for later.



Close-up III.  Still need to tie in the diagonal panel line to the top-most fuselage panel line, then make an arc from the fuselage panel line to the fuselage glue line. 


Thanks for looking and liking!



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Great rescribing of the panel lines this is really impressive to watch nothing quite like a scratch build or a conversion that bring an aircraft in scale back to life in scale that is.


Nice work mate



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