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  1. Exellent explanation, I have the same subject on the worktable but it is still at the stage of correction of the different parts before starting assemblies. For gunsigh, it's not because there are no guns that there are none in the cockpit, it can be used for schooling too. On the different documents that I found, he is present. Courage.
  2. Received this morning, very nice improvement of the exhaust.
  3. Very well done. The greenish bluish gray is very well made.
  4. It looks very good but the photos are small and closer shots would be welcome to admire the model better.
  5. Very nice, I like this version of the F-4. There was a decals sheet from Yellowhammer to make the ZE355 with a Tiger on the nose. Without doubt, become rare.
  6. I will just make the most beautiful painting to the level of detail proposed in the kit. Then beautiful photos of the work done that I will exhibit next to the model. Close everything. I find that making large openings, transparencies or removable parts kill the beauty and lines of the plane. It's a pity for a model of such a price but it is the dark side that we meet if we build big planes, the same thing for B-17, Lanc ,etc.
  7. Thank you friends for your comments. Also, i have the T7 two-seater version which will have to be all aluminum but the lack of references of the cockpit makes that it is on standby. And then, I have a lot of projects running, which is why I did not publish in "In the work" because I was not sure of finishing it. Having already three current topic in this category, Stearman, Ra am & Peten. Babs.
  8. HK models with Fisher Meteor F-8 conversion set. The rockets are also from Fisher models and some additions from Eduard sets. The assembly of the fuselage with the new nose requires a lot of care and also we must add a lot of ballast to obtain a correct ground position. Painted with the MR paint IDF range.
  9. Yes it is clear, thank you. The worst thing is that I have pictures of this Swiss Mirage bay in a folder and I never noticed that difference.
  10. Beautiful Mirage and attractive markings. Can you tell us why the extended gear bay? Babs.
  11. Well done, neat work. The 250 at Ramat David during indy days 2017. Personal picture.
  12. A small detail, there is no round grid on the right side of the fuselage on F-15I.
  13. French Mirage 5F have the pitot tube underneath the nose, Belgian Mirage 5BA on the point.
  14. Great work, I find the weathering a little too strong but it is obvious that you master the techniques in this area. Bravo.
  15. That's beautiful in this collection.
  16. Always a beautiful model to present us on beautiful photos. The views from above are killer.
  17. Also, I opened the rear fuselage to detail the bases of the shock of the landing gear and the tailplane actuator. Unfortunately i have to wait to assemble the two half fuselage definitively to complete this step. Addition of the geabox cooling fan. Babs.
  18. Rear rotor & blades are painted and set aside The TADS turret: the night vision window is enlarged upwards. The main part in gray is from Cobra company and PE from Flighpath. I do not use all the parts offered by these goodies but I added some details in replacement and a new EW antenna. In the meantime, holes and more holes. Babs.
  19. I would rather you finish the Tsefa before.
  20. The tail rotor, the propellers are pretty good. Only replace the details of the anti icing system and some embossed rivets. As long as the fuselage is not closed it's time to do all the holes for the interior fittings as here for the tail rotor location. The tail rotor mechanism is a bit detailed. In test position before painting. Babs.
  21. Very beautiful Lightning, painting and shooting really gives it a look very realistic, difficult to see that it is a model. Bravo. I would have liked some close views like the cockpit for example.
  22. Thank, you The Madhatter. 1/32 scale from Revell.
  23. Hello, I just realized that the cockpit of the "Peten" improved is different than what has just done with the two front panels. Several flat screens are present as the AH-64 D but placed differently, references that I have is not sufficient, I leave this part of the pending job. An important element of the machine is the 30 mm gun. The set from Master is good but not enough, some details are needed. With the Flighpath kit, the cable cutter and the small back face can be used. The protective frame is of round section and the proposed photoetching is a nonsense. The end o
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