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Tamiya Spitfire Mk.VIII

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Just finished this one today, what an amazing kit which needs no introduction. This is the second Tamiya release, the Mk.VIII finished in the markings of Col. Charles "Sandy" McCorkle- CO of the 31st FG. Destroying 5 enemy aircraft in the air, he became one of a handful of American Spitfire Aces.


I used the HGW seatbelts on this build, as well as Barracudacast resin wheels, canopy latch and seat. The cannon barrels are Master turned brass. I used custom mixes of Tamiya acrylics for the paint, and decals from the Spitfire Mk.VIII booklet from Kagero and upper wing and fuselage stars from a Victory Productions sheet. The bottom star was masked and painted with Maketar masks due to the lumps and bumps under the wing. I opted not to remove the seam on the sliding canopy, had a bad feeling that I would destroy it doing so. I can live with the seam.


All feedback and constructive criticism gladly received. Thank you for looking!











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Like the others said Frank, that's a beautifully made and finished Spitfire, with just the right touch of weathering to make it look like the real thing.


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That is one IMPRESSIVE, IMPECCABLY GORGEOUS. Looking Spitfire Mk VIII you have build.




It looks FLAWLESS and the painting is exemplary .. :wow:





She looks very RESPLENDENT. :wub: :wub:




:bow: :bow: :bow:

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Hi Daywalker,



Another great model to your credit!



I like the top notch painting and subtle wheathering. Wing root chipping and exhaust staining are very appropriate.



To be picky, I have a couple of remarks:



I find the wheathering of the wheels a bit too "flashy" (I guess a sandy color was airbrushed - I would have used pigments instead).



Instinctively, I would have placed the sand/brown and blue camo hard separation line at the natural limits of the side/lower cowling panels. If not at the panel limits, as you did, I would have prefer a soft demarcation. Well, I haven't seen any picture of the actual aircraft so I might be wrong...



Edited by Warbird

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Outstanding result.

Its got everything I like.

The Med/North Africa scheme and I have a particular thing for builds in markings different to the country of manufacture.

Very, very nice Spit.


:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

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