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  1. It was put back in the hanger to finish the B! Been having PC problems for months. Also trying to finish up a thin wing set! More will come on the RF soon. Go Phantoms!! Paul
  2. Awesome job Derek! Top notch. Go Phantoms!! Paul
  3. http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/paul1104/media/TBM-3%20Build/DSC01151.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 This is more of a "blast from the past"! Than a update! Had to take a break from the Phantoms and used this time to try weathering with salt. May have went way to far, but they did get a bit dirty!!! with my brandy new computer, I'm still having problems downloading photos off my photobucket. It will copy, just won't paste!!! Paul
  4. Excellent work on the office. Looking forward to more progress. Go Phantoms!! Paul
  5. Had enough time this weekend to do up the seats. Go Phantoms! ! Paul
  6. Here we go!! Great start Mike. Go Phantoms! ! Paul
  7. Looking great. We're still taking our shinny new toys and getting them as dirty as we can!! That's cool! Go Phantoms!! Paul
  8. Same guy! This kit straight out of the box is a really fun and excellent build. If you glue the seems perfect or close, there's really no real rescribing or rivet work. You can get FOD covers real cheap and save you time working on the intake trunks!! Try it Out of the box and trust me you'll build it again and again, then you can suffer from the same Phreakness as some of us!!! You'll enjoy this kit. Go Phantoms!! Paul
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