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  1. I´m away from the hobby for some time now but, if this is true, I would come back for sure !!! rafael
  2. Trying to come back to the hobby, this could be a good reason... two for me rafael
  3. Hello Mirek... What about some jets in 1/32 besides your l-29 and l-39.... Rafael
  4. Hello my friends, since I'm a enthusiast of the Israeli air force I decided to scratchbuilt some israeli air force equipments. I'm scratchbuilding a Clark CT40 and a Hermes 450 ( I know that there is a special tow tractor for the Hermes that I will scratchbuilding later. this is a pic of both... cheers Rafael Winter
  5. OK, You got my money.... Eric, Have you a list of all the things you have done for the Mirage? I Have bought your Mirage´s resin improvements but don´t know what more things are available... googd work cheers Rafael Winter
  6. Hi guys, I would like to scratch build a bomb trailer put a gbu-28 on... any pics, info? regards Rafael Winter
  7. It will be 1/48 :BANGHEAD2: :BANGHEAD2: Rafael
  8. There will be in two scales right ? 1/32 LANSEN Rafael
  9. WOW... this will be a really nice subject... I just love this exotic birds in 1/32 Rafael Winter
  10. Hello guys... thank you for your words... this has been a slow project cause my sparse time... Harold, I will try to make the master be able to make some copies... let see the rear wheel and tire was scratch built and are ready... next will be the front wheel BTW1: someone has some pics or info about others israeli air force ground equipments .... BTW2: the next gorund equipment will be NC-8 power unit BTW3: can't wait until start the NESHER cheers Rafael Winter
  11. I could buy a resin copy.... amazing bird cheers Rafael
  12. Hello, this will be a long time project cause I will scratch build some stuffs together with Nesher . I'm planning a diorama with Nesher, tow tractor and bomb trolley... maybe some more things.. some pics: Nesher with Isracast conversion and Mirage Harold's seat: my scratch build Clark CT40 Tow tractor of the Israel Air Force... some more progress soon cheers Rafael Winter
  13. WOW... nice, really nice improvements you are doing... I guess I'll wait your parts until start my Mirage IIICJ.. well done cheers Rafael
  14. Hello Eric, amazing work you are doing here . Count me in for some copies of your improvements to the mirage III kit. I will start a 1/32 Nesher in the next days and after a 1/32 Mirage IIICJ... keep the good work my friend... Rafael Winter
  15. I have bought the nesher conversion. When it arrives I could took some pictures and place here... I hope next week.. cheers Rafael Winter
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