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  1. I often get asked how I package my commission built models for shipping so I thought a quick video would show the techniques I use. It's served me well over the many years I shipped models all around the world. Hope it helps. Would love to hear what packing methods others have used to ship their works. Thanks!
  2. Indeed, Nick. Once you have a database of designs, things get easier and easier and the savings really start to add up.
  3. Just sharing a quick video I put together showing how I use my Silhouette Cameo cutter to make custom model masks. Currently using them to create markings for my 1/32 P-47D. I also show the results of ones I've made for my 1/32 Dauntless, Skyhawk, and HpH P-63. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about making custom airbrush masks. Hope it helps! Chad
  4. I hear you...not that there is a "bad" looking Spitfire, in my book.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Going to have to cue up another one one of these days so I can do a more traditional scheme.
  6. I hate to disagree so emphatically but I'm one who thinks the later marks were far more beautiful than the early marks. Those early ones just lacked the "power" that a thoroughbred needs to show
  7. I'll try to get some pics up of that 1/32 XIV here soon...thanks!
  8. Outstanding! Excellent build and presentation/photography! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks, guys. Was a really fun project and I'm working on another now (late model Spitfire XIVE). Still looking for the right scheme for that one.
  10. Since I missed the "in progress" posts, figured I'd make a slideshow video showing the major steps in converting PCM's Spitfire Mk. IX to a FR.18 using Grey Matters Resin conversion. Replaced the kit seat with one from Barracuda resin and the wheels with new ones from Resin 2 Detail. I added Model Master cannons/machine guns as well. I wanted something unique in terms of markings and came across an interesting article on the RAF’s 28 Squadron FR.18’s flying out of Kai Tak in Hong Kong. The squadron was known to strip their mounts in between missions with different aircraft showing a variet
  11. Sometimes we get a kit and the cockpit seat sucks! Recently happened to me and I couldn't find an aftermarket option so I made my own. Decided to shoot a quick video to share what I did. Only took about an hour with most of that time waiting for the Tamiya glue to dry
  12. Thank you, Nick. I'll be sharing more as I get them made. Cheers!
  13. Thanks and Will do. Have a few loaded up over on my YouTube channel and more in the "editing" stage. Make sure to subscribe (it's free after all) and click the notifications bell and you'll see the new ones as they are loaded. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRo2xpxIbw0keL3-OZzCWJA?view_as=subscriber
  14. Just sharing another tutorial on making belts four our scale aircraft models. Quick, easy, and effective and works especially well in 1/32, in my opinion.
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