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  1. OK.... I’m ready. How and when can I order the Helldiver?
  2. For those interested in the HpH Tigercat or the Helldiver, I have them for sale. Tigercat is $275 and the Helldiver is $200. PayPal only. I most cases, shipping is about $16 Conus Contact me direct at jmwitous@aol.com.
  3. I received this kit as a Christmas gift and was surprised that there was only one decal option.The kit is very nice and I did order the wheels, cannon and a few figures. I would really like to see decals for Hptm Ruffer’s aircraft 0364 with the red codes and the T-34 kills on the tail.
  4. Hello Jimbo, Those tie downs look great. I would be interested in purchasing at least 2 sets. How do I get money in your pocket and the tie downs in my man cave?
  5. Interesting, that’s my email I’ve had for 17 years. Anyway, I would be interested in masks for the stars and bars as well as numbers. You can text me at 951-237-7577 if the email doesn’t work.
  6. Hello Jennings, Please contact me offline. I have an extra Hellcat kit you can use for engineering stencils. I am very interested in national insignia and numbers. jmwitous@aol.com Thanks
  7. Hello Jennings, Go to www.adamsplanes.com Look under USS Gilbert Islands, VMTB-143 and VMA-512. Most of the planes had white nose art and were kept in immaculate condition. The Gloss Sea Blue was touched up after every flight. Their maintenance office was a real stickler on corrosion control. The story of the air group is fascinating. My interviews were with Lt. Liebech and Lally. The PAO was a celebrity. You will like the story.
  8. The 2 F6F-5P's that the Marines flew off of the USS Gilbert Islands had the single camera on the port fuselage, aft of the trailing edge of the wing . They were part of MCVG-2 and were flown by pilots from VMF-512 and VMTB-143. About 10 years ago I did an oral history for the Flying Leatherneck Museum aboard MCB Miramar, with 2 of the pilots from VMTB-143 who flew the 5P on several occasions. Both said they enjoyed the handling of the Hellcat and the fact that they were fully armed on the missions. From what I have read, the 2 camera aircraft were later versions, possibly used after the war. You are correct, there is very little information on the 5P’s. If you find out anything, please let us know. Thanks
  9. I agree with many of you. An F6F-3 and 5N are most likely in the future. I got my kit today and will be converting it to an F6F-5P. Very simple modification I have done on the Trumpeter kit. I would like to see someone come out with 1/24 tie down strips in P.E. so I can do a carrier deck. I’m still searching for pilot figures, seated and standing. Decals would be nice too. Model on boyos
  10. With the imminent release of the Airfix Hellcat in 1/24 scale, we could use US Navy and FAA pilot figures, standing or in the cockpit. Shapeways has 2 sets of 1/24 scale US Navy WW II deck crew figures. The second item I think would sell would be about 24 inches of the metal carrier tie down strips in Photo etch. about 6-8 strips should do the job. Bass wood strips are easy to find and the deck should be fairly easy to make. A tow tug and tow bar would be cool too.
  11. Thanks all, Patience is a virtue, er, maybe not for modelers.
  12. I have spent a bit of time trying to locate a single source for DEF Models Seated Zulu Pilots, Cannon and FOD covers. I went to Def’s website and hit their distributors across the globe- No Joy.. Is there a way to buy from them direct or is there a source that’s not listed. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hello Dave, Thanks for the intel on the Zulu. I too have these flying over most every night. (my ranchito is about 3 klicks from the NE corner of Camp Pendleton) Ive been waiting years for a good Cobra kit and now this! Hope you have some Red Dawg decals in the works. Now if we had a Yankee, That would be bitchen.
  14. Hello Dana, I have been a fan off yours for years.. I would like to use the HK IX XVI kit as the foundation of a USAAF PR XVI. I would like to do one with the Red Tail, PRU Blue with invasion stripes on lower wings and fuselage. I’m not sure which one I want to do. I’m open for advise. Thanks
  15. I have the HK Mossie IX/ XVI and would like to know if they were camera equipped or were they for strike reconnaissance / weather. The modification to make the kit a PR version looks fairly easy. Also does an aftermarket astrodome for the top of the canopy exist? I would like to build a 25th Bombardment Group Mossie in PRU Blue and the red tail. Any help would be appreciated.
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