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  1. Hi Gang, I am struggling with using the Aires nicely detail cockpit for the Revell He-162 Salamander. I have removed the interior stuff from both fuselage halves and the side walls fit nicely. When I put the cockpit in, the upper portion fits lovely, but the bottom does not, leaving a gaping gap where the nose gear bay is and further aft. Am I suppose to remove the interior cannon covers on both side of the fuselage as well? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brad
  2. I'd love for Tamiya to give is a B5N2 Kate with folding wing option. Brad
  3. Guys, I am working on the ICM I-16 Type 24 Rata, and I need to source some RS-82 rockets and launchers for my project. Does anyone know if a set of these exists as AM? TIA Brad
  4. Ok, great to know, thanks very much. I will shut the boiling water off now I appreciate your replies! Brad
  5. Guys, Having never built a model of this airplane, I have a question regarding the spine near the base of the fin. My kit appears to show a kink just ahead of the fin. When you look at the left fuselage half, it kinks inward a bit, where as the right fuselage half does not. Is this normal for the aircraft, or do I have a flaw/warpage of some kind? TIA Brad
  6. Looking forward to their P-51B/C for sure. I have a set of Zotz decals for this very project which I almost wasted on the Trumpy kit. Cheers, Brad
  7. Guys, Has anyone used the Aires cockpit for the Ki-84 Frank and can comment on the fit? TIA Brad
  8. Superb!! Well done Piero! The weathering on the underside is fantastic! Cheers, Brad
  9. You did a wonderful job. Congrats!! Brad
  10. The poor soul who started this thread is probably wishing he didn't. Brad-2 palms on his face.
  11. I guess one could always build the old Revell kit. Brad
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