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  1. I think their Ki-84 Frank kit is their best kit in 1/32 scale. Fit is Tamiya quality, and detail is perfect. Just add a new seat and you are good to go.
  2. Wonder why the squadron codes were after the roundel?
  3. Our own Iain the AeroNut worked his magic on the recent Revell kit, using mushroom head rivets where appropriate and it looks very nice indeed. There is enough aftermarket for the kit too, to bring it up to a decent standard. Just my .02 worth
  4. Perhaps they could not get their Jimmy Stewart figure to fit quite right?
  5. With all do respect, we have enough Fw 190's in our scale to start multiple squadrons. We haven't had a nice 1/32 P-51B/C in plastic ever! Don't even mention the Trumpy kit.
  6. I bought Zotz decals for his aircraft way back when HKM announced their P-51B/C. But if ZM get's theirs out first...:) Brad
  7. Hi Gang, I am struggling with using the Aires nicely detail cockpit for the Revell He-162 Salamander. I have removed the interior stuff from both fuselage halves and the side walls fit nicely. When I put the cockpit in, the upper portion fits lovely, but the bottom does not, leaving a gaping gap where the nose gear bay is and further aft. Am I suppose to remove the interior cannon covers on both side of the fuselage as well? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brad
  8. I'd love for Tamiya to give is a B5N2 Kate with folding wing option. Brad
  9. Guys, I am working on the ICM I-16 Type 24 Rata, and I need to source some RS-82 rockets and launchers for my project. Does anyone know if a set of these exists as AM? TIA Brad
  10. Ok, great to know, thanks very much. I will shut the boiling water off now I appreciate your replies! Brad
  11. Guys, Having never built a model of this airplane, I have a question regarding the spine near the base of the fin. My kit appears to show a kink just ahead of the fin. When you look at the left fuselage half, it kinks inward a bit, where as the right fuselage half does not. Is this normal for the aircraft, or do I have a flaw/warpage of some kind? TIA Brad
  12. Looking forward to their P-51B/C for sure. I have a set of Zotz decals for this very project which I almost wasted on the Trumpy kit. Cheers, Brad
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