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  1. I can only hope Kagemusha!!
  2. Thanks Ron, but I wasn't really happy with the overall look of it and that's why I let it go. The old Hasegawa kit has a more accurate outline but is long in tooth.
  3. Hasegawa or Revell doing it wouldn't break my heart either
  4. I seriously hope Tamiya will bring out a new one of each of these before I can retire!! The 2 new Corsairs are awesome! I am trying to build all of the a/c that were on my Dads ship USS Bunker Hill CV-17. Have the Trumpeter F4U-4, TBF & TBM Avengers, these along with the new Corsairs fill the majority of the compliment. Just need Better quality F6F-3 & F6F-5 kits and new tool SB2C-1 & SB2C-4 variants and I'm good! Anyone with me on this?
  5. Thanks guys! Kevin, you can mail order them from Target < http://www.target.com/p/battat-terra-dinosaur-nanshiugosaurus/-/A-15432371> If that doesn't work for you I have a few extra sets I could sell you or anyone else interested.
  6. Been doing some sculpting for the Battat toy company while I still recover from Multiple Myeloma. Broke my C-1 vertebrae in mid January, so I'm lucky to be alive as well as not being a quadriplegic!!! Wearing a neck brace 24 x 7 and just finished radiation treatments last week. So, I've fallen behind a bit, but Battat is a GREAT company to do work for! Very understanding. So here are the paint masters of the toys I've finished. Hope you like them. They are available at Target Stores.
  7. I don't know if he's still in business but, Roberts Models took over the entire line of Combat Models years ago. Here's the website < http://combatmodels.us/ >
  8. LSP Dan

    What are we actually missing in 1/32?

    SB2C Helldiver ( both -1C and the -5 versions), Val, Kate, Judy ( inline & rotary versions)
  9. LSP Dan

    Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair

    As a matter of fact Ken Walsh flying out form Okinawa in the F4U-4 Corsair scored his 21st and final victory against a "Kamikaze" Zero on 22 June 1945.
  10. LSP Dan

    Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair

    The F4U-4 did actually se combat in WW II in the Okinawa campaign. Several Marine as well as some carrier based -4s were involved in several missions. My Dad was aboard the USS Bunker Hill which was on it's way back to the Pacific Theater when the war ended. His ship had F4U-4's on board. I have several pics of him next to -4s during Operation Magic Carpet.
  11. LSP Dan

    Tamiya Birdcage....?

    Mine landed at $125.00 each from HLJ
  12. LSP Dan

    Tamiya Birdcage....?

    Go my shipping notice yesterday.
  13. LSP Dan

    HE219 UHU

    The Revell kit is the He 219A-7 while the ZM kit is the He 219A-0 besides the obvious price difference and level of add-ons and detail in the ZM kit.
  14. LSP Dan

    PCM New Kit

    I'm sure the decal folks will make us happy!
  15. LSP Dan

    New from OzMods

    " I hope it's better than the example Vaughn had! " That was my thought!! Hence, the don't shoot the messenger!!