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  1. Sorry, I tried to post this earlier but my browser kept crashing so apologies if this is duplicated elsewhere. It looks like the Meng/Wingnuts Tripe is up for preorder at Spruebrothers. Just thought I'd pass it on. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/mngqs002.htm and https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/mngqs002s.htm
  2. Yeah, I think I'm gonna just have to buy a commercial one, find the nicest one that I can, and hope for the best. Take off the curves, trace on paper, scan into the CAD program, draw and trace the curves digitally, draw the new parts onto those curves, then print. I've done similar before, its just time consuming. Ultimately, I'd like to make a TBF-1 conversion using this technique. Mostly, its the cowling that needs the most work, that and some radio and cockpit changes.
  3. I'd rather not sacrifice a model I paid $35 smackers for!
  4. That's an awesome video and technique! However, I have neither the time nor the patience... I guess I suck. I'm trying to take curves off of of all things the exterior of a Star Trek model with a lot of compound curves so a contour gauge is the better fit.
  5. Bear the Wondercat, my dearly departed black locket cat, knew the DOS keyboard shortcut to turn the machine off. Whenever he wanted attention and I'd been on the PC too long, he knew what to do. Seriously, he did it far too many times for it to have been a coincidence. Smart kitty. I still miss him dearly.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a comb type, but its rather industrial and more for carpentry. I'd like to get a really fine scale modeling contour tool so that I can transfer measurements from a model kit or part into a CAD program, draw parts off of the measurements and shapes in a CAD program, and then print away. Thanks for any suggestions. Robert
  7. Windows Key + Print Screen will also generate a screen shot, if you're a Windows user. Crap... Somehow, I missed all of this. Its probably because I've been working full time doing the teaching classes from home thing. I'm not complaining, I have a job, something that a lot of people don't have in these times. There were several WNW kits I wanted, like the ship's Camel and the postwar Bristol. Oh well... I have about 20 WNW kits in the stash and I'll survive. Trying to keep it all in perspective, while I am saddened by their closure, I'm more concerned about the workers
  8. Would love to see some VB-20 decals off of the Enterprise. I may have to make my own... Hmmm...
  9. Looking forward to this. To echo John1, how do these mount? Eyelets? Turnbuckles? Thanks. I wouldn't mind a set for the SE5A, either. Bob
  10. Very sad to hear. Something similar happened to my grnadmother - a series of mini strokes brought on (we think) from knee surgery led to dementia. I teach high school history. We've tried to have World War Two veterans come in when we could. One of my students' grandfather was an infantryman in Europe and one of our best days was when he came in and shared his experiences. We were exceptionally fortunate to have Walker Mahurin come in and speak with us a number of years go. I used to offer an Interview a World War Two Veteran project, and it was amazing how many Pearl Harbor survi
  11. People will laugh at me, but it works - try the Kopykake compressor. Its intended for bakers and cake decorators, but is very quiet. Some have air pressure regulators, some don't. Mine doesn't and quite frankly, it works fine without it. There's no reservoir so it will turn on everytime to depress the airbrush trigger but as I said, its quiet. I live in a condo and my neighbors have never heard it. https://www.kopykake.com/airbrushes-and-compressors/
  12. Thanks for everyones' advice and help. After looking at everything, I'm going to rebuild one of my Paasche VLs with new parts into a faux-VLS Pro for better control and atomization with the newer paint picker air cap and use that for larger areas. Then, I'll likely either go for a Grex or a Sotar 20/20 for finer detail work depending upon price. There are a lot of Labor Day sales going on right now so its a matter of working my way through Amazon, Spraygunner, Dixie Art, Coast Airbrush and the rest looking for the right deal. Part of me is still intrigued by the oft-maligned Aztek but the abil
  13. That may be the case since the reviews I've been looking at are from a few years ago. My newer VL is far better than my original 20 year old one, with better fitting tips and lower clogging caps, for example.
  14. Hi Nichenson, I've not seen it in person, but I have heard about it from multiple online sources and reviews. The issue seems to be machining, where the needles don't sit perfectly centered. For myself, that isn't enough to stop me from buying one potentially since I've used the VL for years, and while a solid, bulletproof airbrush, trust me, the needles are rarely if ever centered and I still got more than acceptable performance. I did see a review on Youtube awhile back that showed some of the issues but can't find it now to post it. Having said this, the Paasche Vision and Talon
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