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  1. Would love to see some VB-20 decals off of the Enterprise. I may have to make my own... Hmmm...
  2. Looking forward to this. To echo John1, how do these mount? Eyelets? Turnbuckles? Thanks. I wouldn't mind a set for the SE5A, either. Bob
  3. Very sad to hear. Something similar happened to my grnadmother - a series of mini strokes brought on (we think) from knee surgery led to dementia. I teach high school history. We've tried to have World War Two veterans come in when we could. One of my students' grandfather was an infantryman in Europe and one of our best days was when he came in and shared his experiences. We were exceptionally fortunate to have Walker Mahurin come in and speak with us a number of years go. I used to offer an Interview a World War Two Veteran project, and it was amazing how many Pearl Harbor survivors we had here in Southern California, including the father of one of our teachers (who was one of my teachers in high school). Sadly, there are so few left that I no longer assign that project but when I did assign it, the results were amazing. One mother contacted me saying she was crying because for the first time, her son was really speaking with her grandfather, truly appreciating him. It may be the one good thing I've done in my teaching career. Listen to what Hennings has said. Appreciate them while we can. Treasure them.
  4. People will laugh at me, but it works - try the Kopykake compressor. Its intended for bakers and cake decorators, but is very quiet. Some have air pressure regulators, some don't. Mine doesn't and quite frankly, it works fine without it. There's no reservoir so it will turn on everytime to depress the airbrush trigger but as I said, its quiet. I live in a condo and my neighbors have never heard it. https://www.kopykake.com/airbrushes-and-compressors/
  5. Thanks for everyones' advice and help. After looking at everything, I'm going to rebuild one of my Paasche VLs with new parts into a faux-VLS Pro for better control and atomization with the newer paint picker air cap and use that for larger areas. Then, I'll likely either go for a Grex or a Sotar 20/20 for finer detail work depending upon price. There are a lot of Labor Day sales going on right now so its a matter of working my way through Amazon, Spraygunner, Dixie Art, Coast Airbrush and the rest looking for the right deal. Part of me is still intrigued by the oft-maligned Aztek but the ability to disassemble a Grex or Sotar and get replacement parts is so important, plus being able to easily get hose adapters. I really wish another high quality airbrush maker would go the modular route with tips and caps like Testors did with the Aztek. I'm trying to imagine what an Iwata Aztek would look like and how great it would be. 'Til then, I'm sticking with a more traditional brush. Thanks again, Bob
  6. That may be the case since the reviews I've been looking at are from a few years ago. My newer VL is far better than my original 20 year old one, with better fitting tips and lower clogging caps, for example.
  7. Hi Nichenson, I've not seen it in person, but I have heard about it from multiple online sources and reviews. The issue seems to be machining, where the needles don't sit perfectly centered. For myself, that isn't enough to stop me from buying one potentially since I've used the VL for years, and while a solid, bulletproof airbrush, trust me, the needles are rarely if ever centered and I still got more than acceptable performance. I did see a review on Youtube awhile back that showed some of the issues but can't find it now to post it. Having said this, the Paasche Vision and Talon brushes have significantly more serious problems with centering. What makes me look at them despite this is the ready availability of spare parts, needles, etc. I'm also looking at a Sotar 20/20. I've always loved the look of that brush. Mel, those look like nice brushes. Interestingly, they look exactly like the Grex without the plastic hand holds. I'm wondering if they aren't built on license from Grex, or if they're just similar looking - similar uses leading to very similar designs? Bob PS. Nichenson, do you know if the Grex is made in the USA?
  8. The title says it all. I’ve used various Paasche VLs for nearly 20 years and they’ve been great brushes, but lately I find myself wanting more - better sharp line control, more consistent spraying, and ease of cleanup and disassembly; I usually spray acrylics. Easily obtainable small parts and gravity feed would be outstanding; that's been the thing keeping me with the VL for so long. I’d like to not spend north of $175. I’ve looked at the Grex and Paasche’s higher end models (Talon and Vision), but the reviews seem mixed, people either love them or hate them, and the machining seems to be hit or miss, either perfect or things like the needles are out of center. When they work, they’re outstanding and the price is right, but... When they work. So, any ideas? Any suggestions? I’m in the USA, if that matters. Thank you for any pointers. Bob
  9. I just want Enterprise decals! VF-10 for when they release a -3, and some more VF-20 birds would be great.
  10. Pizza. Bacon pizza. Yum..... Seriously, best wishes getting back on your feet whatever the future may bring.
  11. Never mind. It was Zotz and I think I know where they are. I seriously need to clean this dump out!
  12. Evening! I'm in the position of having so much crap around here that I can't find what's in the stash. Its a sad problem to have, I suppose. Anyway, I can't seem to find some decals that I suspect I have. I may have sold them on Ebay a year or two back, but can't remember so the next best thing is - buy some new ones! Yeah, I know, sad... I'm looking for decals for Peter Townsend's Mk.I Battle of Britain Hurricane, either for the Fly or PCM 1.32nd kits, or for the big Trumpeter 1.24th scale kit. I've been re-reading Townsend's Duel of Eagles again, and being a history teacher we just finished up the Battles of France, Dunkirk and Britain. I actually feel rather proud of myself in that one of my students actually watched The Darkest Hour after seeing a clip of the Fight on the Beaches speech in my class. So, self-back patting aside, are there any decals for Townsend's ride? Many thanks, Bob
  13. This is a Tom Doll Special, for those who know him and have his Command Aircraft book! I have to get one!
  14. BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR! I meant what I said in an earlier thread. If you choose, after taking care of family and other far more important non-modeling issues, to get back into the modeling world, I have one of your RF-8A conversions that I would be happy to donate to the cause of helping you reverse master the set. If not, no matter. Modeling seems far less important given the totality of what has transpired. I'm happy that you are well given the circumstances and I can only hope that 2019 will bring only good tidings and better times. Robert
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