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  1. I just want Enterprise decals! VF-10 for when they release a -3, and some more VF-20 birds would be great.
  2. Pizza. Bacon pizza. Yum..... Seriously, best wishes getting back on your feet whatever the future may bring.
  3. Never mind. It was Zotz and I think I know where they are. I seriously need to clean this dump out!
  4. Evening! I'm in the position of having so much crap around here that I can't find what's in the stash. Its a sad problem to have, I suppose. Anyway, I can't seem to find some decals that I suspect I have. I may have sold them on Ebay a year or two back, but can't remember so the next best thing is - buy some new ones! Yeah, I know, sad... I'm looking for decals for Peter Townsend's Mk.I Battle of Britain Hurricane, either for the Fly or PCM 1.32nd kits, or for the big Trumpeter 1.24th scale kit. I've been re-reading Townsend's Duel of Eagles again, and being a history teacher we just finished up the Battles of France, Dunkirk and Britain. I actually feel rather proud of myself in that one of my students actually watched The Darkest Hour after seeing a clip of the Fight on the Beaches speech in my class. So, self-back patting aside, are there any decals for Townsend's ride? Many thanks, Bob
  5. This is a Tom Doll Special, for those who know him and have his Command Aircraft book! I have to get one!
  6. BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR! I meant what I said in an earlier thread. If you choose, after taking care of family and other far more important non-modeling issues, to get back into the modeling world, I have one of your RF-8A conversions that I would be happy to donate to the cause of helping you reverse master the set. If not, no matter. Modeling seems far less important given the totality of what has transpired. I'm happy that you are well given the circumstances and I can only hope that 2019 will bring only good tidings and better times. Robert
  7. Paul, best of luck getting set back up. Yes, I am selfish as a modeler; I would love to see more of your gorgeous work in my greedy hands. But... You and your family (and, your Great Danes) are alright, and that is the most vital, critical thing. I have one of your RF-8A sets . If you would like it to "reverse master" it to get your feet grounded and back in the biz just let me know. It's your's if you want it, gratis. I'm just glad to you, and so many others, somehow survived. Take care, Bob retiretomaui@cox.net (Paul,if you want the RF-8A be sure to put something snazzy in the subject line to I don't delete it accidentally - inundated with SPAM!).
  8. To second that, Swede Vejtasa flew an F4U-1 aboard Enterprise in early 1943 off of the Solomons, the first the Big E's crew had ever seen. There are photos on the interwebs. That would be a really neat decal set, a bent wing bird flown by an ace aboard the greatest carrier in history. It had to have been a Marine Corps bird on loan as they were the only ones with the plane in theater at the time. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/f4u-corsair/f4u-1-corsair-82-of-vf-10-on-the-flight-deck-of-the-aircraft-carrier-uss-enterprise-cv-6-march-20-1943/ Not really VF-10, as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, but as VF-10 flew F4Fs this is likely a bird temporarily "stolen" from the Marines. The side numbers might support that. https://archive.org/details/NPC-921 Poor quality video, but interesting. I posted about it in this link back in the day, but the originating link with the putative VMF-213 ID seems to have vanished. Crud. https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Corsair/VBF10/pages/Vought-F4U-1-Corsair-VBF-10-White-82-USS-Enterprise-CV-6-1943-01.html Nice side view in the Big E's hangar. Thank you for listening! Bob Bob
  9. Wait, he makes guitars, too? Seriously, he makes guitars? I didn't know that.
  10. This is a great opportunity to help someone who has helped enrich our hobby for so many of us. I learned about the gofundme page through the airlinercafe.com site. I'd suggest spreading the word on the gofundme page to as many modeling sites as possible. The more sites and forums that see the link, the better for Mr. Fisher. I have to say, it is wonderful seeing so many people donating. In many ways, we are all electronic ships that pass in the night, known only by our screen names and a few pictures of our completed (hopefully!) models. It would be all to easy to simply scroll through to the next forum posting. So, seeing so many people donate is a testament to our hobby, but more importantly an indicator of the esteem and respect that Mr. Fisher is held in. I can only hope and pray that he and the others impacted by these horrible fires can recover as soon as possible. Forget the resin, anyone with an awesome dog like that must be helped, right? Robert
  11. Off - topic, but maybe a NASA Crusader? All you'd really need for a really bare conversion would be a nose probe, the cockpit glazing, the cheek "puffs" and a new wing. Thanks for listening, and I still would love to see SUPER TIGER!!!!
  12. How about the Super Tiger, the one that lost to the F-104 in the European Fighter Competition? You know, 'cuz of the bribery and all that. With a J-79 engine, it really looked the part!!! It may be a niche model, but I'm betting the folks here would buy it. I would.
  13. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/trp02244.htm What does "Clear Edition" mean? Is the entire kit molded in clear plastic? I did some looking around but Google was not my friend. Many thanks, Bob
  14. I can't promise to but one (my Maui trip comes first!!!!!) but if the cash is available, I will. Does this mean the WNW will move into WW2 subjects? Maybe some neglected NavAir, like a 1/32nd TBD? Damn, I hope so....
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