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  1. Hi all, Is the KASL nose needed to build a correct D version or is it unique to the 5Ei/Di? Thanks
  2. Would be potentially interested for the A-7 - are the Trumpy kit ones no good?
  3. All sorted now thanks to BiggTim - thanks everyone, you are a great bunch!
  4. Dear all, I am located in the UK and have spotted a book available in the US on Amazon, the seller of which does not post to the UK unfortunately. Therefore I would be really grateful if someone from LSP would be willing to purchase and post it on my behalf and accept payment via Paypal. I would also be happy to repeat the favour if there is anything in the UK that someone is after. Many thanks, Sam
  5. Thanks for doing this - I'm in for two sets
  6. I'd be in for a set in both scales
  7. New story to me so thanks for that. The whole build and scene looks excellent and I think you nailed the mud splatter pattern up and under the fuselage - 10/10
  8. +1 I'd be in for a better BA nose for the Italeri kit
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