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  1. That's truly horrendous. Deepest condolences to all involved
  2. https://www.facebook.com/gunnar.jansson.104
  3. Best wishes John for a positive outcome
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately Jadar do not stock the kit
  5. Hi, I've spotted a kit I'm after in stock in a model store in the Czech Republic but they don't seem to post outside the country. Therefore if anyone can assist with purchasing it on my behalf & posting it to the UK I would be most grateful. Thanks, Sam
  6. I admire your attitude in the face of this. Stay strong & hang in there.
  7. Will definitely be ordering the late station. Excellent new book out on the Beaufighter: https://www.air-britain.co.uk/actbooks/acatalog/BristolBeaufighter--174.html#SID=13
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