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  1. Vulcan

    Delta-N pod for MiG-23BN??

    First page on this thread: https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/5732-new-132-mig-23bn-conversion-set-from-hph/ CAD image has vanished though - I'd certainly be up for one
  2. Great build & display Danny. How's the MiG build going?
  3. Vulcan

    1/32 TAMIYA F-16 block 60 UAE

    Outstanding. Did you construct the base yourself? Where did you get the figures from?
  4. Vulcan

    1/32 F-4 stencil decals

    Hi Jake, Just wondering if you had a rough idea when the white stencils might be ready? Thanks!
  5. Great result and finish...Bravo!
  6. Vulcan

    Trumpeter F6F-5 HellCat 1:32

    Excellent build and finish...very inspirational
  7. Vulcan

    29x3 G.W.H 1:48

    Brilliant builds
  8. Vulcan

    the wooden wonder 30/08

    Superb work
  9. Vulcan

    F-16C Blizzard Aggressor

    Great choice, great pics...the F-16 aggressors do make stunning subjects...can't wait! Sam
  10. Hi Danny, How's the build going - any updates? Best, Sam
  11. Hi Danny, loving the build so far - excellent work on the casting and thanks for the tutorial
  12. Stunning collection all round