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  1. shbemo13

    Zukei Mura: a jet in 1/32???

    THANK YOU! I have wanted 1/32 YF-16 for 40 years. I got to sit in cockpit of one of first two test birds at Edwards AFB. My Dad ran the weapons shop.
  2. shbemo13

    1/32 Revell Mirage IIIE

    Sorry, having problems with pictures
  3. shbemo13

    1/32 Revell Mirage IIIE

    I used the 2003 version with outstanding decal sheet. I also used fantastic Fisher resin cockpit set. Shawn B.
  4. shbemo13

    1/32 Revell Me262B

    Of course, just my luck!
  5. shbemo13

    1/32 Revell Me262B

    I tried to build this in high school, I never accomplished it. It was thrown out some way. I picked up another kit recently. I added some Eduard cockpit PE and I dropped flaps. I also added resin seats. I had to do some surgery in pit area. The cockpit open area was also too big. I am well aware that Trumpeter makes this aircraft but I wanted the Revell kit. Shawn G
  6. shbemo13

    1/32 F-15A Streak Eagle WIP.

    Just now seeing this, INCREDIBLE! I have converted the same model to YF-15. I kept gun because one of the test birds did gun testing. Shawn Bemo
  7. shbemo13

    Bell X-1A and X-1B in 1/32 scale coming soon...

    YES! YES! YES! 1/32 X-1B on my wish list for decades. Thank you Paul, Shawn G.
  8. shbemo13

    Convair B-58 Hustler (1/48 Monogram)

    FANTASTIC build, one of my all time favorite planes. Dad was stationed at Bunker Hill (Grissom AFB) when these were there. My sister and I got to sit in parked B-58 cockpit at an air show. Shawn G.
  9. Another relatively "quick" builds, I used Revell/Germany issue. I used kit decals and original 1970's decals from my stash. I did use a few resin items from Verlinden. Same day I finished this, I started Revell P-51B. Btw, I do have Trumpeter F4U and P-51bB, in case you are wondering. Shawn Bemo
  10. shbemo13

    1/48 Grummann X-29 (resin conversion)

    You need Hasegawa F-5, F-18 engine, and F-16 main gear. I bought another F-5E at model show specifically for 1/32 project. As I said in my article, you would need to scratch build wings, vertical tail, and main gear doors. Shawn G
  11. shbemo13

    1/48 "Strombacher" X-1B

    Boy wouldn't that be nice. I have Revell X-1 in 1/32. It would be nice for conversion set to make X-1B.
  12. shbemo13

    1/48 "Strombacher" X-1B

    This is reissue with updated decals. All rivets were sanded off and gear is from Eduard X-1. Finish is Alclad, pitot tubes are aluminum tube, and seat is from Monogram F-80. Shawn G.
  13. I used maybe 50% of Attic resin conversion. I made wings, vertical tail, and canards. The decals are shite, but made best of it. I used model (can't remember brand) with resin cockpit for front section. I used F-18 Hornet engine and the main gear is mostly from F-16. Shawn G.
  14. shbemo13

    1/32 Revell Beaufighter

    Yes Harvey, long overdue for new tooling. Thank you
  15. shbemo13

    1/48 Monogram F-4J (VX-4)

    Everything stock except seats and I added Eduard cockpit details. Of course, I had to drill out original "seats". I used Alclad gloss black for finish. Shawn G.