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  1. Hi Troy, thanks for asking. This year has been challenging for us in terms of ensuring the continuity of production. The truth is that modelling community is aging, also on the manufacturers' side. Some of our colleagues and contributors were retiring this year and we were focused on the knowledge and know-how transition. With that said, we had lesser time for providing new releases. This year, we have only managed to release the Yak-9 in 1:32. However, a few months ago we started another journey into the British aviation history. We plan one more 1:32 release this year, and this subject is truly widely known all over the world. More information to come soon Simon
  2. @MikeMaben, the problem is that we are getting older too, so we're all running out of time ;-)
  3. 100% agreed I believe that we, as a manufacturer, have proven to be listening to customers' suggestions more than any other company of that (small) size in the market. However, delivering niche subject has to be done in a reasonable way. In other words, we need to diversify the products for a simple economy reasons. Releasing similar subjects relatively soon one after another might look fantastic from the customer's point of view, but not from any other. Please be patient, not having the Finnish version in the nearest plans doesn't mean it won't be delivered Simon
  4. Sorry to say that, but for now we cannot promise something what's not even in our release schedule.
  5. It is official! The Yak-9 M/T kit has left the Silver Wings hangar and is available for purchase. All pre-orders are being shipped now. If you wish to place your order or simply ask for individual pricing, please contact us at silverwings@silverwings.pl The Silver Wings Team
  6. no worries, we will reply later today
  7. We always reply, pehaps it was not delivered. Please let me know (private message) how it went.
  8. Not sure what specifically you mean, but as soon as the order is confirmed, one receives payment details to finalize the purchase. Please let me know if I can be of some help. Simon
  9. Dear Friends and Customers, The time is up, let's spread the news! The 1:32 Yak-9 M/T is official now! Out next Silver Limited Edition series kit is about to be released. What's in the box? - 99 resin parts - 70 photo-etched elements - 4 film parts - hand-drawn box art - metal gun barrels - more photo-etched elements - A4 poster - historical and museum photos of the aircraft - scale resin figure of a Soviet fighter pilot - seven marking schemes: 1. Yak-9T code no.14, Fighter Regiment Normandie (Régiment de chasse Normandie) (1 отдельный ИАП "Нормандия"), pilot Marcel Lefèvre, Toula, March 1944. 2. Yak-9T code no.60, Fighter Regiment Normandie (Régiment de chasse Normandie) (1 отдельный ИАП "Нормандия"), pilot René Challe, Doubrovka, June 1944. 3. Yak 9T code no.04, 4. Fighter Regiment (4 ИАП - Истребительный Aвиационный Полк), Pilot I.N. Stepanenko (И.Н. Степаненко), autumn1944 г. Order of the Red Banner on the nose. 4. Yak 9T code no.48, 812. Fighter Regiment (812 ИАП - Истребительный Aвиационный Полк), Pilot M.A. Mashenkin (A.M. Машенкин), September 1943. 5. Yak 9T code no.38, 728. Fighter Regiment (728 ИАП), Pilot A.I. Vybornov (A. И. Выборнов), Poland, September 1944. 6. Yak 9T code no.10, 845. Fighter Regiment (845 ИАП), Pilot Sowovyev (Соловьeв), April 1945. 7. Jak-9M code no.304, 1st Fighter Regiment “Citi of Warsaw” (1 PLM “Warszawa”), probably belonged to the 3rd squadron, end of 1945. When will the kit become available for purchase? We are working at the maximum speed but still we need extra few weeks to polish final details and prepare a smooth release. Thus we have to move Yakovlev's release date to the end of October. We hope that upon opening the box, you will understand why this additional time was needed. How to purchase the kit? Look for it at your favorite shop (or drop us an email if it's not there) or contact us directly at silverwings@silverwings.pl. All pre-orders for this kit received and pre-paid by October 20th noon - will be be discounted by 15%. Unlike our standard releases, the kit will be available in a limited number. This kit will cost around 125 EUR (depending on the currency rate) w/o shipping cost and applicable fee rates in respective countries. Simon and the Silver Wings Team
  10. Not yet, but within a few more days more details should be available
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