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  1. It is called minimiziong operational risk by making strategically prudent decisions. In such a situation we simply prefer to focus on new projects rather than conversions of old ones Have a great weekend!
  2. Given that some Ukrainian company is following exactly our lead when it comes to topic selection, it would be too risky to invest in such a project. We are sorry...
  3. Some photos of the Gauntlet master...
  4. Guys, which documentation currently available on the market would you recommend for the F3F ?
  5. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/88496-132-gloster-gauntlet-mkii/
  6. You will find more details and pictures at http://www.silverwings.pl/.
  7. We are excited to announce that our first kit for 2021 is the 1/32 Gloster Gauntlet Mk II. The master and prototype have already been completed and production begins shortly. We anticipate the kit to be available for purchase in March 2021. The kit will be offered in three colourful options, with decals for the following aircraft: - Gloster Gauntlet Mk II of 74 Squadron RAF , Horn church, 1937 - Gloster Gauntlet Mk II ‘44’ of the 112 Squadron RAF, Helwan, Egypt, 1940 - Gloster Gauntlet Mk II of T-LLv 35, Utti Heinakuu, Finnish Air Force, 1942 Kit includes: -
  8. Sorry to say, but these were limited-run, as most of our kits...
  9. Right, it was Wojtek (father) who made a master for Montex long time ago.
  10. Hi, We are still working on the interior and schemes, hence it is safe to say that January will be a month of premiere. Simon
  11. Unfortunately not at the time...
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