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  1. Hello everybody, Hasegawas newest construction vehicle in 1:35 ....
  2. Hello everybody, Seed Models small tractor DT-54 in 1:35 ...
  3. Hello everybody, I think I call this one done ... Hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  4. Hello everybody, some little progress after the painting ....
  5. Hello everybody, I think I call this one done .... Hope that you like it!
  6. Hello everybody, added the ropes and the hook .... and started with the base ... a road, a little bit of green .... still working on, not finished yet
  7. Hello everybody, added some additional equipment on the crane .... tools, tarp, wooden beams, chains, ... and started with a small base ...
  8. Hello everyone, the main parts are painted in blue and yellow. A first light grey washing is added and matt varnish sprayed on it... Next some dust and dirt on the chassis and inside the cab ....
  9. Hello everyone, Some progress with this one ... finished the paintjob and assembled the vehicle mostly. Some small things missing. Weathering with dark brown, rust and beige washes .... Next step is adding some load, scratches, dirt with pigments, sheer metal and a small base.
  10. Hello everyone, the worst job is done .... the rigging of the crane hook, the fixing of the hook with chains... but it is done ....
  11. Hi everybody, one of the best known tractors of Soviet production - the Charkov T-150K. It is the fist kit in 1:35 of the Ukraine manufacturer RT Models, consisting of fine resin parts and photo etched parts. Including the worst instructions ever Cheers Micha
  12. Hi everybody, a small tractor "made in Russia" - the Charov T-16M self propelled chassis Small model in 1:35 of Red Iron Models consisting of resin and photo etched parts. Cheers Micha
  13. Hi everybody, The frame is finished as well as the super structure of the crane, the boom and the cab, the engine, drivers cab, .... The boom is glued and soldered .... Lot of bending stuff Next I will add some wiring to the chassis and the structure, then start the painting. Colors I have already chosen the standard ones: black chassis, light blue cab with white front grill, yellow crane and red hook. Cheers Micha
  14. Thanks a lot mates! :) And a little bit more done .... the sealings of the windows are painted and the masks removed. The crane is mounted and the struts painted, weathered and mounted. Some wiring added. The cab of the crane received its internal painting and weathering, as well as the windows. Now some further details follow as well as the rope, chains and more stuff .... Cheers Micha
  15. Hello everybody, one further crane - the SMK-10 of Red Iron Models... Resin- and photo etched parts, wire and clear foil. Chassis completely made of resin and photo etched parts. Cheers Micha
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