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  1. That might get me to finally pull the trigger on that huge Fokker...
  2. Yellow aircraft in general are very hard to model and harder to decal. You have done a tremendous job with this plane! Are you going to do anything to restore rivet detail on the markings?
  3. D.B. Would you post an updated list of which gear are already in production? Even the ones that may be out of stock?
  4. I am starting to think painting this model will be a crime. Love all that detail work!
  5. I got my Fw gear yesterday. They are great looking parts and shipped fast. Where will I be able to buy more later without the LSP board? Jeff
  6. Hey chuck- I have been thinking about this canopy thing. What about sanding some off of the smaller 2 canopies bottom edge and replacing the clear with a styrene strip? That would maintain the same basic shape and you would only have to take off enough for them to fit. If you had to use a bit of strip on the canopy rails it would not be drastically obvious. I have this kit in the stash so I'll be dealing with this myself some day. Plunge forming is not hard and the average modeler can pull it off especcialy on a flat sided glass like these. The plastic sheet would cost a lot less than more kits. Just polish the framing off the existing canopy and use it as mold to pull new strip of plastic over. I have done it with clear boxes you get baked goods in. Good luck.
  7. A 1/24 Airfix Hellcat set would be great too!
  8. What about making identical size bases like tiles that fit together to make an airfield and securing the model to them and then hanging the bases with a sliding cleat on the wall like pictures? You could take the model down for closer viewing and still have them visible from the top around standing eye level.
  9. Reading this in December of 2019 I'm glad nobody's life depended on that Tamiya P-47.
  10. Is that and Erla??? The canopy is wrong but the cowling gap?
  11. What does it look like under a metal finish? As smooth as regular CA?
  12. So that means in 1/32 scale filled panel lines should be just visible from 9cm...
  13. I see some of you are using a black CA glue. When I did some searching I found tinted glue and "rubber toughened" glue. What are you using and what are the advantages? Jeff
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