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  1. I bet a simple grit blaster with baking soda would take off the decal film and leave the rivets and a better surface for paint.
  2. GAWD that's a lot of rivets. How many sheet do you think this plane will take?
  3. I don't know where I got it but I have a multi view line drawing if the V18 with captions in Russian. I either got it from you or saved it with you in mind. I don't have a hosting site so no idea how to get it to you. PS- I sent a message through the Airscale web site.
  4. I'm running Firefox and I have to use "view image" and then I can't use the "back" button to get back to LSP. I ended up using "copy image location" opening a new tab and then using "paste and go".
  5. Start at the 7 minute mark and you will see what I mean.
  6. I must be the only one that is seeing numbers instead of pictures you have posted?
  7. Can I suggest you use Mr. surfacer 500 and stipple the reduction gear case?
  8. What is the ribbed horizontal structure stick high in the center of the panel???
  9. I have learned in my own modeling that the limit of my ability extends to the number of times I can get it wrong before I get it right and my sanity. I wish you success!
  10. The cylinders look great- tell me you are NOT going to cover them up with the cowling??? J
  11. Bravo on the canopy solution! I always tell myself when things are just right- nobody will look as close as I am right now!
  12. That might get me to finally pull the trigger on that huge Fokker...
  13. Yellow aircraft in general are very hard to model and harder to decal. You have done a tremendous job with this plane! Are you going to do anything to restore rivet detail on the markings?
  14. D.B. Would you post an updated list of which gear are already in production? Even the ones that may be out of stock?
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