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  1. Beautiful model! How had the Rub'N Buff finish held up over time???
  2. Lookin' good! I hope when you're done you get some pics of her outside.
  3. I have been looking for photos of the upper wing surfaces.
  4. What is the best book on the A6m for modelers?
  5. Looking good! I have used that masking/primer technique to make similar subtle surface details like tapes on control surfaces.
  6. Looks almost like blue angel blue!
  7. Love how your handling the finish. It really sets off that surface effect!
  8. That is one BIG jump jet. Enjoying your work tremendously!
  9. I have thought this many times watching this build! Then you have to decide- where does it end?
  10. Looking great JayW! In the past I have made for lack of a better word a "roll cage" of plastic strip to protect delicate parts from an accidental brush with your hand or tool but not a trip to the floor. Maybe just some bent .040 strips glued into "angle iron" and glued root to tip inboard the root parts would cover those rib ends and still let you work on them from behind? Just throwing out the idea and hoping it's somewhat clear what I mean. LOL . Enjoying your work! J
  11. What about using a roller to flatten the cross link chain?
  12. The needle is a hollow stainless steel tube like the doctor uses that leaves a perfect circular scratch on the plastic. Can't find the pics I took...
  13. Your doing beautiful work but your putting yourself though hell with the fasteners. I make them in 1/32 by sharpening a hypodermic needle on the outside a bit. I twist the needle to make the circle and make the slot with the tip of a knife. This is also how I make flush rivets. Your way looks great in 1/18 like I said but that is a LOT of work for what will end a subtle effect and would be much more difficult in 1/32. Keep up the good work!
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