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  1. Thanks for the comments. @JeepsGunsTanks - I can't comment on the miniart kit, but this Takom one was a breeze to put together and they have a bunch of Lee variants. With that being said I might try miniarts with the interior for a Burma Lee build.
  2. Hello again. Been away for a while. I've been playing around with this 1/35 Takom Grant for a few months. It's a relatively quick build, but I got sidelined by some health issues and a house flood so a two month project became close to five. I don't have a lot of in progress photos, but thought I'd share the final product. Hope to get at something new in the coming days, possibly with wings so I can post on the main forums again. Thanks for looking. - Jeff
  3. Thanks I let it dry for 48hrs because I was out of town for the weekend. I've never used airframe aluminium before so I can't say for sure if it'd be safe after a shorter period. I did de-tack the tamiya tape and montex mask on my forearm a lot before placing them on the alclad, to the point where I sort of worried about them sticking to the model. Worrying about that shade lifting while masking was one of the most stressful parts of the build.
  4. Well calling the build done. P-47 Oh Johnnie Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and suggestions along the way. Also thanks for putting up with my sporadic posts. Cheers - Jeff
  5. Finally calling my Hasegawa 1/32 P-47 done. Finishing it in 3 months is possibly a new speed record for me. I used Montex masks, Quickboost gun barrels, Eduard "Zoom" dash and Barracuda wheels. Paints are Alclad and Gunze mixes. In hindsight I kind of wish I had riveted it, but when I started I was looking for a straightforward build to get the modeling mojo going. Mission accomplished. Here's a link to the build 1/32 Hasegawa P-47 "Oh Johnnie" On with the pics.
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. I think it's a point of contention if the wings were painted or left bare. An Osprey book I was reading theorized Johnnie left the factory with OD/NG wings but received replacements at some point shortly before it was shot down. I could be wrong, but it looks like aluminium to me in this photo. The author may have guessed wrong, but if nothing else it makes a heck of a book cover. Jeff
  7. Well she's finally finally standing on her own legs. Trying out my photo lightbox for the first time and it's a nice improvement over poster board, garage sale lamps and crossed fingers. I need to track down some translucent blue paint to finish off the navigation lights. My favourite hobby shop is inaccessible across the border so I'll have to see what I can find online. It still needs a little more work weathering wise (any suggestions or techniques are appreciated) but at least it's nearing the finish line. I'm also a little on the fence about w
  8. I can't believe I missed that. I wonder if it was misprinted or if something shifted while it was settling in? I think I'm going to have to live with it I think if I try pulling it up I'll write off the underlying decal.
  9. Hi again. Made a little more (slow) progress on the P-47. Did a little oil dot filtering, which isn't really showing up in the photos to well and a panel line wash before hitting the model with some Alclad flat clear. I think I will devote some attention to the smaller items while I let the clear set up for a couple days. Then I can hit it with some further weathering. The windscreen and canopy are just being held on by gravity. The gaps will disappear when they're fixed in place. It kind of a tricky model to weather I've realized mixing a well used fuselage with
  10. Hello again. Here's a build I finished up around Christmas that I forgot to share. It's Meng's 1/35 Tiger II Porsche turret. It's out of the box except for the zimmerit which I made with Apoxie Sculpt and the Trumpeter zimmerit wheel. The figure is from the newer Tamiya set with a hornet head. German armour is not my usual cup of tea, but it was a fun build and an outstanding value for what the kit costs. I think I spent $30 at retail for it. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a riveting question. I'm thinking of taking a shot at riveting my next project which will likely be either a BF-109 G4 or G10. However I'm not sure how to make equally spaced rivets in a perfect circle around the wheel bulges of the 109. Is there a trick anyone could recommend? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. - Jeff
  12. Hello again. Very quick update. I was working on adding the unit insignia and some stenciling. After everything was in place I noticed that the port side insignia decal was missing the umbrella on Goofy's plane entirely. After sleeping on it I decided to use a photocopy of the unit insignia to create a triangle template that would match the umbrella. I transferred it to a small piece of scrap red walkway decal and cut it to shape. I free handed the umbrella shaft and admit it's not perfect. In m
  13. Well it's been about a month. I've been slowly working on the Jug but unfortunately not documenting my work too carefully. First time using masks for painting the markings. Honestly one of the most satisfying things I've done since returning to the hobby. I used Gunze and Tamiya paints as I can't find MRP in Canada yet. Lots more work to come, but it's a start. Thanks for looking and stay safe. Jeff
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