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  1. Fantastic build. Honestly I think you've sold another. Jeff
  2. Hi again. Hopefully everyone is staying safe. Work has ground to nearly a standing halt so I'm hitting the bench to alleviate some stress Very minor progress but got the cockpit sealed up and ready for installation. Decided to wire behind the instrument panel because it's a visible area when completed. Also managed to get the infamous 4 piece cowl around the engine. Fit was ok, but I wonder what it'll look like under primer. I was surprised at the number of sinkmarks my copy had. Two on the cowl, two on the fuselage and 4 on the wings. Is that common to this kit or my typical luck? Just had to test fit it to see if it'd fit in my Ikea Detolf display case. It looks like it'll sneak in by literally MMs. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  3. Small update. Went ahead with wiring up the 2800. I used some brown craft wire I found in a dollar store. Looking at some other online builds I noticed a lot of people drilled out the connection points for the ignition ring. I'm not that much of a masochist so I just fixed them behind hoping that staring at the engine through a closed cowl will hide that fact. Used some Ammo "Starship filth" for the weathering and some small chips and scratches. Hoping to finish up the cockpit tonight and make some progress on this build. Cheers Jeff
  4. Hello. Been away from the bench and the site for a bit. Been swamped with work, but I've also had a few stalled projects that possibly stalled because they were too involved. Decided to get back into it with a simple mostly out of the box build of the Hasegawa P-47. Didn't unfortunately take a lot of in progress photos because I wasn't sure about doing a build log. The P&W R2800 is OOB. The more I look at it the more likely I think I will add some wiring to it. I used a Eduard "Look" set for the instrument panel and the harness. They're not nearly as nice as HGW, but for a 10 minute job not too bad. The information placards aren't 100% accurate and the oxygen hose isn't correct. Just thought I'd busy up the very visible cockpit area. I need to weather everything up further before I seal it them up in the fuselage and cowl. I plan on marking it up as LT Ray Knight's "Oh Johnnie". Mostly because I have a 4yr old at home who loves the Goofy on the unit emblem on the fuselage. Thanks for looking, hopefully I'll be able to get this one through to the finish line for a change. Jeff
  5. Hello again. My "Hopefully this weekend I'll get more bench time" always seems to turn into 3 weeks. As a bit of a snap decision I decided to break out my riveter. I've been wanting to try riveting an aircraft for a while and thought the Revell P-51 was a good test bed since it was inexpensive and the puttied wings would make it an easier project. It wasn't as hard as I expected it to be, but my work isn't to the level of a lot of builds I've seen on here. I'll cut myself some slack for a beginners effort though. Another rookie mistake was not running some thin wash over the rivets before taking these pictures so those of us not from krypton could see them. Next up some seem filling on the wings and some serious work on the radiator inlet. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  6. A very minor work update. Painted a number of sub-assemblies before I head out of town for a couple days. Hoping this weekend I'll be able to seal up the fuselage. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  7. Scrounged together a little time and managed to get a wash down, add the HGW belt and seal things up with alclad Matte. The pictures showed me a few things to correct, but should be able to move on with further construction pretty soon. So far enjoying the kit, but if I built another or if Revell released a P51B or C I would probably spring for an aftermarket instrument panel. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  8. Hi. I'm in the process of building a P-51 and am going to attempt painting the markings with a montex mask set. Do you typically paint the base coat then add the markings or do you get the markings down, mask them and put down your base colours? I've seen it done both ways, is there advantages to one over the other or is it strictly builders preference? Hopefully that question made sense. Thanks for your time. Jeff
  9. Beautiful. I wish there was a new tool beaufighter because I'd love to build the plane, but know I can't scratch build like you're doing. Cheers Jeff
  10. Hello again. My usual slow progress continues. Pretty much out of the box so far with a few airscale decals to busy up the kit decals and a little bit of wire added to the radio. A couple small bits are still missing till after I get down my flat coat. My plan is to let the gloss dry further overnight, then add some washes. So far great kit, but my only complaint is the instrument panel decals. Mine did not line up correctly and I'm not loving how it turned out. Since I've seen other builds online that turned out perfectly I'm going to assume it was an operator error on my part. However if I had to do it again I'd probably cut out the individual dials like I usually do. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  11. Those are probably the most beautiful P-47 builds I've ever seen. Amazing stuff. Jeff
  12. Hello again. Due to work I've been able to work on anything too seriously since Christmas. To get back in the saddle I decided to take a stab at Chuck Yeager's "Glamorous Glenn II". I love these cheap Revell kits, and I'm pretty elated they they've finally at least started labeling their sprues so finding parts is less of a wild goose chace. Planning on keeping this build very simple so I don't lose interest. I'm hoping blogging this will help me keep on task too. Besides the wheels, exhaust and masks I will probably add some sort of aftermarket belt. At this point I have about maybe 90 minutes into it. A little flash here and there but otherwise drama free. I'll try to work on my photography skill for future posts. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  13. Fantastic V1! I especially like the base. The tracks left behind by the trolley wheels are a great touch. Jeff
  14. Loved following along on your build and can't wait to see the finished project. I keep waffling between entering a Ju88 or a Bf110 in this group build and this build is certainly nudging me towards the 110. Cheers Jeff
  15. Amazing work. Thanks for the woodwork tips. I have a couple projects that I know they will be a huge help on. Jeff
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