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  1. I have had a Fotki account for close to twenty years and never had a problem.
  2. It’s like that here. I went into a Wal Mart about a month ago and hardly anyone was wearing a mask. It’s ridiculous that this has become a partisan issue.
  3. Do you have or have access to a small mill with rotary table? That and a sensitive drilling attachment would be ideal for drilling in just the right place.
  4. Does it really need to be drilled? If you use copper or brass wire, couldn’t the ports be short sections of tube soldered in place?
  5. I’m sorry for your loss. They truly are man’s best friend.
  6. Yeah. Pretty darn impressive. I gotta get one of those things.
  7. That is so cool. I really want to get a laser cutter of my own...and learn how to use it.
  8. Yes. Engine bearers, too. I didn’t know you found the instructions, so one step of those are in the package also. I’m really looking forward to how this turns out. I had considered getting a laser cutter of my own, so this will be a good demo of its capabilities. Parts with complex shapes can be built up of flat parts, so lots of possibilities.
  9. I have that kit. I can measure the part, but I think it would be better to send it to someone who can copy it. A tiny mistake or omission on my part could result in a part that doesn’t fit. Let me know.
  10. Oh I would love to have it hanging from my ceiling. I just can’t justify $2k+ shipping for it.
  11. It didn’t sell. He relisted it. I have trouble wrapping my head around the eBay listings with bidding and make offer options. His starting price is US $20. I offered $250. He countered with $2,000. So, if you want that in your man cave...
  12. Love that King Tiger! Is it the Takom kit with that tank on the box? Great box art for that one.
  13. Fine Scale Modeler has a few pics of Lewis Pruneau’s 1/32 B-52 in the May 1991 issue. It was only a few pictures of the finished model, though. I wouldn’t rule out getting one of these for me, but mine would also be a ceiling hanger with an X-15.
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