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  1. There have been lots of others. A P-47 was prepared for the Bendix race in 1947, but was withdrawn before it started. I need to get some sleep, but I'm sure others will contribute much more info.
  2. Yak-11 trainer. First as "Perestroika" The same plane, later called "Czech Mate" Another Yak-11, "Mr. Awesome" It later got a T-33 tail
  3. Corsairs Super Corsair. Originally built with an R-2800. Got an R-4360 for racing. Crashed F2G
  4. Hawker Sea Fury Dreadnaught, with a 4360 Critical Mass, returning to stock configuration September Fury
  5. The magazine showed up in the mail. The new material is apparently out of production, at least the brand mentioned in the article. It was only available in a relatively small rectangular shape. It looks like Renshape and other similar products, which are available in 4'x8' sheets, up to 4" thick, maybe thicker. IMHO, it wasn't a very good scratchbuilding article. I like the old style articles with cross-section drawings.
  6. I also saw one over Leander, TX 2-3 months ago. I would guess it's the same one, but not sure. Anyone know? Thanks. Lee
  7. I saw in the January 2000 issue that Feb has an article on scratchbuilding a Lockheed Sirius in a new material. What is the new material? I did order a backissue off ebay, but of course I am impatient and just need to know. The Sirius is a cool plane and I do love the how-to articles. Always something to learn, even if the subject being built is not my cup of tea. Thanks. Lee
  8. That is really cool. I would love to see plans or even buy a kit to motorize a Triebflugel.
  9. I have read conflicting info on this particular tank; "Anneliese" from the 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion. Some sources say there were two KTs with that name. Some say the winter camo is not field applied whitewash, but a white respray at the factory after repairs. I think it is field applied whitewash. There are pics of the tank having maintenance done and the Balkan cross and 314 number appear to be painted over camouflage and then whitewash applied around it. The number especially. That's why I dry brushed 3 colors into a masked off rectangle, then hand painted the numbers.
  10. I put fender attachment points back on. I made replacement pieces with Evergreen strip and a North West Short Line chopper. It's a pretty neat tool for making a bunch of identical bits of strip stock.
  11. Some more progress. BTW- working on this kit has shown me it is a huge pain in the neck. Accurate and detailed, but still a pain. I went to the stash and got a Tamiya King Tiger (Ardennes box) and traded it to Mom for her DML. The Tamiya a great kit and better for someone who doesn't want the build to be an ordeal.
  12. Call it Colorful Paint Schemes. Everything from WWI fighters to Qantas 747s. Something for everyone.
  13. What about racing and record setting aircraft? Lots of subjects with modified warbirds. Record setting could be any number of things; speed, altitude, time to climb, you name it.
  14. Thank you for the compliments. I know there are now some kits with Zimmerit molded in, but I already have a stash of quality kits, and it's something I just wanted to learn.
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