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  1. Not too sure about the wife though It was supposed to be her sabbatical! And I dragged her round several aviation museums.... That was my compensation for the rest of the trip doing stuff she wanted.
  2. Oh you are really the devil incarnate with all these temptations...... Book on the 1/48 Buccaneer Book on British Phantoms And now, you are doing one for the Hellcat! How about the Airfix Typoon and we'll have a clean sweep...... (i've got 2 car door, and 1 bubble top, in the stash and have not got the room!!! Along with the Hellcat, and the new Spitfire... Think I need a hanger to store them all, or move to a bigger house. Oh wait, I already did that 9 years ago! have run out of room again! Oooops!)
  3. Managed to get to the museum back in 2016. Spent 2 days there. Loved every minute, and took hundreds of pictures. This was 2 weeks before they opened the 4th hanger! I was gutted I didn't get to see the Valkyrie, and other experimental aircraft. Maybe one day I'll get to return! This was part of a 4 week trip with the wife, also visited USS Intrepid in New York, the Air &Space Museum in Washington, and The Udvar-Hazy Centre. Had a wonderful time.
  4. Not too sure about that - I did not pre-order mine and received in 2 days after ordering direct from Airfix! Placed my order early morning last Wednesday (16/11/2022) order confirmed the same day, shipped 17th and delivered at 13:00 on 18th. Due to being over £30 order(!) received free delivery, and as an Airfix club member got my 10% club discount as well. I appreciate that by pre-ordering from Hannants, you get a discount as well, but I don't recall ever seeing free delivery for large parcels (and I've ordered my fair share of them from the Big H!). If I have a large order, I tend to collect from the London shop, it's only a 45-minute drive straight down the M1 from where I live, so not much of a hassle (plus time at the RAF Museum next door).
  5. Quick interwebby search says yes, it was mk IX spits that did the beer runs with a couple of kegs under the wings, 1 under each!
  6. Just placed my order Hopefully should have it in my grubby mitts by the start of next week!
  7. I thought that first picture was the kit!!!! Then realised it was on brick paving
  8. A labradoodle is a cross breed! Labrador cross with a poodle. Many moons ago this would have definitely been frowned upon by many breeders, but for some reason, it's become fashionable to cross breed certain types of dog breeds. Hence things like cockerpoos (cocker spaniel crossed with poodles) labradoodles, and quite a few others.
  9. I'm in the UK, and I'm able to pay as guest using my debit card without having a pay-pal account. I do have a KLP account to allow me to keep a track of the purchases so I can download updated versions (brilliant idea, and many thanks for this service!) But do not, and will not have a PayPal account.
  10. Latest Airfix post now has the new 1/24 Spitfire being bundled with an A2 print of the Adam Tooby artwork from the box top. https://uk.airfix.com/products/supermarine-spitfire-mkixc-free-a2-poster-bundlea16 As I was going to be buying from Airfix anyway (10% discount at checkout for Airfix club members) this just sweetens the offer!
  11. I plan on picking this up at some point... The kit is already in the stash. There is, however, a little show in Telford to get out of the way first!!! (I'm already I'm the middle of writing my shopping list!)
  12. A couple of weeks ago, the wife asked me a question. It was about the order of succession in the Royal Family. And we discussed then about the Queen's health. At that time, I honestly thought it would be a couple of years, and then Charles would be on the throne. Today, I have almost been glued to the news ever since it was announced about the health issues! I was still shocked and saddened by the announcement at 18:30 BST of Her Majesty's death ! I am proud to say that I served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces (RAF). Thank you for your 75 years of service to your Country and people, and your 70 years as our Monarch. Clear skies Ma'am! God save the King!
  13. That's what I thought initially and originally started my post saying something along those lines, but it didn't come across in the right way, so I decided that it wasn't going in! Something that can be said (verbally) in a jovial, light hearted way, does not easily translate in to a written statement. And so many "arguments" have started when some comment has been misinterpreted.
  14. 1/35 has not traditionally been used for fixed-wing Aircraft, though I do appreciate that Border Models has used it for several of their releases. Airfix have traditionally used 1/24th for their larger aircraft kits, they have never even done 1/32nd scale. So if you are looking for any aircraft in 1/35 you will be very much out of luck except for the upcoming Border models 1/35 "Kate", and their previous JU-87, & BF-109G. I am fully aware a lot of Helicopter models are in 1/35 to fit in with armour models, but other than a few kits in the late 40's early 50's (according to Scalemates) I can find nothing more recent that has been released as a fixed-wing a/c!
  15. That's what we did just under 9 years ago in Oct 2013. Outgrew the old place as not enough display space or storage space Now the wife wants to move again.... I don't (various reasons including being autistic and not liking the prospect of uprooting again!)
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