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  1. As I have Fusion 360 already it would be good not to have to use/learn another software. But as you say, if they are free and if you can do that kind of work easer then I may try one of those softwares as well.
  2. Hi Ben Do you know if Fusion 360 can handle this cind of work as well? I have found a couple of models I would like to try this out on.
  3. Absolutely fantastic. I'm lost for words to describe this. I'm wondering, where did you get the dry transfers from?
  4. I'm with Cees I would make vacuformed copies or crashformed copies of the main canopy parts. The kit ones looks just to thick to get them to be posed in the open position. /Johan
  5. The same material is also available as "Blue Stuff Reusable Mold" from Green Stuff. I've used this and it works the same way. Very handy material. http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/reusable-blue-stuff/8-blue-stuff-mold-8-bars.html
  6. Like DonH says I understand why you don't use the rattle can. But why not use ordinary Tamiya gloss black X-1 and thin for airbrush use? What does the TS-14 rattle can paint offer that is better than the X-1 to go through the hassle of the decanting process? Am I missing out on something in terms of paint quality when using the X-1 paint from a bottle? /Johan
  7. Hi Chuck I have to ask, you may have mentioned this before, but, why do you decant TS-14 spray paint? What do you gain from doing this instead of using standard Tamiya gloss black from a bottle? /Johan
  8. This is out if this world. Fantastic work as always. Are you gunning for another best in show at Telford? You may have said this already, but what contact cement do you use to apply the metal? /Johan
  9. Hi Sure, you can do that. But I don't know how much I can aswer.
  10. The legacy version of gripen i.e versions A-D has the dual nose wheels. This however depicts the new E version which has new types of landing gears (both nose and main) among other things. Very nicely done Hercules. Love it. (b.t.w. I work at SAAB where the first Gripen E destined for Brazil has begun assembly) /Johan
  11. Very nice. I've started to explore working in CAD myself using Fusion 360.
  12. I can't seem to see the pictures. Is it just me or do anyone else have the same issue? /Johan
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