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  1. Great I do have loads of references on the Tunnan, so if there is anything you need, feel free to ask and I'll se if I can help.
  2. Hi I have a few pics that may help. Not that much on the rear bulkhead though.
  3. I got that replacement IP It's pretty much flawless and a vast improvement over the Jetmads offering. /Johan
  4. It's a bit disappointing to see that the printing quality isn't of a higher standard than this. It should after all be considered a high end kit in my mind. Also the need to use as much filler as you have shouldn't bee needed.
  5. Well, that is a bit of a let down. When everything else is so well detailed that this area is not up to the standard of the rest of the pit.
  6. So, you are saying that all that detail is one part with the canopy actuator rod attached to it? Can you install that after the seat has been installed?
  7. What I'm saying is, it looks like there is something supposed to be installed behind the seat, you can clearly see the location holes. What I'm wondering is if you have missed that part, or if it's missing in the instructions or not included in the kit at all. I would be very surprised if Jetmads have missed this area considering how the details of the rest of the kit is well catered for. And by the way, as can be seen, it will be clearly visible on the complete kit.
  8. That looks great. But, I'm wondering, isn't it supposed to be some more details added behind the seat? It looks a bit bare. Picture for reference
  9. Looks like Jetmads really have done their homework. That looks fantastic down to every little nut and bolt. Great work.
  10. Looking really really great. One little question though, the gap between the rudder and fin looks to be a tad big, or will that be sorted at final assembly?
  11. Your pictures don't show. The image links have been blocked by my antivirus program (Kaspersky).
  12. Very nice attention to detail. The shape of that clear part reminds me of something... not sure what it is. hmmm
  13. I have that vaccum machine to, for use with 220V and euoropean standard plug. Works really well. but as you say, it can draw the material a bit thin, so I think your mod is something I'll copy. /Johan
  14. As I have Fusion 360 already it would be good not to have to use/learn another software. But as you say, if they are free and if you can do that kind of work easer then I may try one of those softwares as well.
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